Fiat Tipo Hybrid review: this is how Fiat tries to make an old model young again

Fiat Tipo Hybrid review: this is how Fiat tries to make an old model young again

The Fiat Tipo it has never been successful with us, but now the Italians have changed the hybrid faith. A close philosophical question is: Is the Tipo Hybrid a hybrid? In this Fiat Tipo Hybrid review you get the answer.

What is interesting about the Fiat Tipo Hybrid?

Fiat has recently created an interesting tradition. Cars that have been on the market for years still get major changes in their late days. The Italian brand is interested in hybrids and has electrified its entire range in two years.

It started in 2020, with the introduction of 500 Hybrid (thirteen years after its start) and Plant Hybrid (nine years after its inception). In between, the all-electric Fiat 500E (Fiat’s only new model in six years) came on the market and now it’s the Tipo’s turn (after six years), as well as the 500X (after eight years).

Fiat hopefully calls it a Tipo Hybrid, but isn’t it more than a mild hybrid? The difference is that a mild hybrid cannot drive a car using an electric motor and a hybrid opener. Actually, Fiat is fine. If you drive very slowly (20 km per hour) you can travel a very short distance on electricity (3 km).

With its 0.8 kWh battery, the Tipo is between the average hybrid (0.4 kWh) and the ‘real’ hybrid (1.5 kWh). The main role is for a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 130 hp, which comes standard with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Also of Alfa Romeo Tonale comes with this drive unit. Fiat offers a consumption of 5.1 l/100 km (1 in 19.6) and a top speed of 206 km / h.

What are the advantages of the Fiat Tipo Hybrid?

The advantage of hybrid technology is that you can cover very short distances with electricity. But those are very short with the Tipo Hybrid, and you shouldn’t drive faster than 20 km/h. In the context of ‘every disadvantage has its advantage’, the Tipo is the perfect car for traffic jams. And let’s queue again in large numbers for that in the Netherlands after the corona epidemic. Even if you can’t park the car properly and have to be stabbed four times, the weather doesn’t breathe for groping. Tipo can park in an electric car.

A plus that Tipo has had since it started is space. Tall people sit well not only in the front, but also in the back. Even if you are sitting directly in the back seat with a height of 1.90 meters, there is still space between your head and the roof. Long legs only come in if the front passenger absolutely refuses to push the seat forward.

The chassis also stands up well, with its fine tuning. The engine also doesn’t make much noise, but the tires can be clearly heard.

What are the disadvantages of Fiat Tipo Hybrid?

In the choice of materials (hard plastic on the doors) you still see that the Tipo is not intended as a luxury mid-size car. The dashboard is also a little worn. When driving, the automatic transmission takes a break at regular intervals: it acts slowly and occasionally doubts which gear to choose. If he has made a choice, Tipo will start a catch-up race, so that he can still complete the hundred races in the promised 9.2 seconds.

When will the Fiat Tipo Hybrid come to the Netherlands and what is its price?

The Tipo was launched in 2016 as an affordable alternative to the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus. In Italy and Germany you can already buy one for less than 14,000 euros. The Netherlands destroyed the Italian party with a bpm penalty due to very uneconomical engines, making it more expensive than the competition here with a starting price of less than 20,000 euros …

The Tipo Hybrid has been at the dealer since May 2022. The price is at least 29,990 euros (five doors), or 30,990 euros (Wagon). All versions have a seven-speed automatic transmission.

This makes the Tipo less expensive than its main competitors, but it is also not a bargain. The hybrid’s main competitor, the Toyota Corolla, it is more modern and its price is comparable. The five-door costs 29,750 euros (1.8 HEV, 122 hp). The price of the station wagon (Touring Sports) is 30,750 euros.

Let’s get a little mixed up too. For Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost MHEV with 125 hp you pay 30,400 euros, you have Wagon for 31,650 euros. Also compared to this competitor, Tipo does not distinguish itself positively. Although you get an automatic transmission with the Focus from 33,800 euros.

What do I think of the Fiat Tipo Hybrid?

Will the new engine boost sales? It would suit Fiat well, because it sells average. Only the 500 and 500E are doing well and together they are responsible for 80 percent of the total in the Netherlands.

Tipo’s role has always been marginal. In 2022 there will be only ten cars on the order books… it is not difficult to increase that number, but it will be a miracle if the hybrid train brings about a real renaissance.