Fiat Uno: show for 40 years in Vigevano

Fiat Uno: show for 40 years in Vigevano

They were held on Sunday October one in Vigevano, near Pavia, celebrations to celebrate 40 years of Fiat Uno. Event “By multiplying One is 40, was announced on social media last July, not as a simple collection but as an exaggerated party built on the logic of the show. All promises have been largely fulfilled. Coordinator, car influencer William Jonathanno stranger to this type of “pharaonic” program, it attracted Fiat Uno models and derivatives from all over Italy which, after a long series of preparatory challenges on social networks, led to an interesting and unprecedented event.

Uno Theory 40!

Starting early in the morning, hundreds of small historic cars created in 1983 by Giorgetto Giugiaro, found themselves in Piazza Calzolaio d’Italia. As soon as they arrived, the drivers were led by some coaches in the parking lot, with the utmost precision and severity, to repeat the words “Uno 40!” with cars. A show of great impact and hard to imitate. They were all killed instantly by the drones amid the cheers of those present.

After that the cars moved in a parade towards Piazza Castello where they remained on display while the drivers and their companions could participate in the Record Festival, they could visit the castle, the riding school, Piazza Ducale and they visited the shoe museum in groups. The caravan then continued the day with a scenic tour of the Pavia area before arriving at Cerano, near Novara, for a very enjoyable lunch.

Fiat Uno and derivatives

All employees were given bags specially designed for the occasion with a special logo and celebratory accessories with the Fiat Uno motif. All drivers were awarded an original trophy with the inscription “The best one is yours”, testifying that all the participating cars, due to their presence at the once-in-a-lifetime event, were declared winners. But it is not only Fiat Uno, from the legendary Turbo and Turbo D to traditional versions, with more or less equipment. There is also a lot of curiosity about current models such as the underperforming Fiat Duna, the Fiorino and the Innocenti-branded Mille. They also won the hearts of the people of Vigevano and all the guests of the event who applauded in surprise at the great show.

Special gifts and souvenirs

More than 20 special gifts given during the lunch for various reasons and in the most diverse groups.

Participant’s memorial award Francesco d’Ambrosio from Novara, who would have been 40 years old on 27 September, train engineer and owner of the Fiat Uno Sting, was given by his father Francesco and his brother Amedeo, to Antonio Mercuri from Como, train conductor by profession, who arrived at the meeting public inside. its beautiful Uno Turbo.

He was remembered too Vanny Mossa, well known among Fiat Uno lovers and who died last April. The parents gave a touching message that was read to everyone and the trophy in his memory was awarded to Yuri Felice De Fenza from Naples, with whom Vanny had developed a deep friendship for many years and who came from Naples with a Fiat Uno 55. S 5 doors.

Comments from social networks

William JonathanA car influencer well known in the classic car scene for his impressive plans, commented: “The Fiat Uno represents one of the highest moments in the history of the latest Italian luxury car. A car that marked an era and that could not fail to be celebrated in a way that had never been done before. It was not a traditional gathering of enthusiasts, but a classy appointment its festive, proud but always full of fun and joy. Challenges launched on social media in the weeks leading up to the event saw a lot of enthusiasm, a desire to get involved and give the impression of a very close-knit community of enthusiasts. And that’s what I liked and I’m glad it was an exaggerated celebration as I promised myself to thank these special and passionate riders.”.

The event was conceived, designed and personally run by William and cared for down to the smallest detail. Praised by the crowd, he recalled the important equipment contribution of the 500landia Club of Vigevano, of the president Marco Reggio, of all the board members and the administration of the municipality of Vigevano that provided the spaces.