Fiat won more than 30 awards in 2022 that will mark a new phase for the brand and a successful year for market leadership |  SEGS

Fiat won more than 30 awards in 2022 that will mark a new phase for the brand and a successful year for market leadership | SEGS

-Of the total, 12 trophies went to Fastback, the brand’s coupé SUV launched in September and which is also successful in sales

– With the launch of Fastback, Scudo and Pulse Abarth, as well as the arrival of Cronos with a 1.0 engine and CVT transmission, the brand guarantees a market share of 22.0% in the year, the highest in the market in the last ten years.
– Fiat leads in 2022 in retail sales with 17.1% market share and also in direct sales with 27.1% share

Market leader in 2022, Fiat has more reasons to celebrate this year. Its brand and products were recognized 31 times in 17 important awards in the automotive sector and other areas during that period. Fiat won Automaker of the Year at the UOL Carros award, as Automotive Trend by Trend Car 2023 and was chosen among the Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction by the Mesc Institute. From its portfolio, the big winner of the year was its first SUV Coupé: Fastback, which won 12 awards.

“We have been going through a repositioning process since 2020, with important changes and many successful launches in this new phase of Fiat. These awards are a reflection of that and come to crown all that work. We updated our pick-up trucks, launched the Nova Strada and Nova Toro , and we came strong in the SUV segment, introducing the Pulse and Fastback to the market, our most awarded car in 2022 and which is amazing for sales. We also introduced the Scudo, which complements our commercial vehicle portfolio. To top it off, we launched the poisonous Pulse Abarth , which marks the return of Abarth to the country”, comments Herlander Zola, senior vice president of Fiat and Abarth in South America.

With changes and launches, in 2021 Fiat closed the year with a share of 21.7% and currently (as of December 20) guarantees a market share of 22.0% in 2022, a record in the last ten years among all brands. Fiat is also the year-to-date leader in vans, pickups and hatches. “We have already reached almost 420,000 vehicles with license plates, even in the face of production restrictions that affected the entire industry. Fiat continues to grow with incredible participation. Today, we have almost 140,000 vehicles more than the deputy leader, which means 50% more. The difference this is equal to the number of seven sales placed on the market”, adds Zola. It is important to mention that Fiat is the leader in retail with a market share of 17.1% and also in direct sales with a share of 27.1%.

A full year of awards

Fiat’s most awarded model in 2022, the Fastback is the brand’s most significant launch in recent years and has come to redefine its category with the perfect combination of design, performance, safety and technology. With only three months on the market, the SUV Coupé has already earned the title of Best National SUV at the Car Awards Brasil (from Car magazine); Compact and Compact SUV of the Year at the UOL Carros award; National Sports Service Car of the Year and Car of the Year at the Top TV Auto Awards; SUV in Trend Car 2023; Best SUV/Crossover by Abiauto Car in the Abiauto award. To complete the Fastback’s trophy rack, at the celebrations held in São Paulo last week, it was also chosen as the Best Compact SUV and Car by Jornal do Carro in the Estadão Mobility award and as Compact SUV in Carsughi L’Auto Preferita. The design was also recognized by the Mecânica Online® website as the Best Exterior Design.

In addition to the Fastback, other Fiat passenger cars also won several awards in 2022. The recently launched Pulse Abarth, the first SUV from the scorpion brand that entered the market in November, was recognized by Mecânica Online® portal in the Dynamic Vehicle category . . Updated in its MY23 with a new CVT transmission, Firefly 1.0 engine and design changes, the Fiat Cronos was voted Best Compact Sedan by the Estadão Mobility Award. The Mobi, on the other hand, won in the “Entry” category as the model with the Highest Resale Value – Autos 2022. To top it all off, the Fiat Pulse won the prize in the Automotive Products/Vehicles category in the iF Design. 202 Awards, one of the most traditional and prestigious in the world. Finally, Fiat Audio Design was recognized in the “Audio Branding” category at the 2022 International Audio Awards.

When it comes to pickup trucks, Fiat continues to expand its collection of pickups in this segment as well. The Fiat Strada received the “Highest Resale Value – Cars” seal in its “Small Pickup” category. The Pickup also won as a Small Pickup Truck in Carsughi L’Auto Preferita and, together with its Volcano version, was chosen in the category of Best Pickup Truck in “Qual Buy” by Autoesporte magazine. Additionally, the Fiat Toro’s success led to the Best Buy of the year award by Quatro Rodas magazine with the Liberty (light and medium pickup trucks up to R$150,000) and the Volcano (small and medium pickup trucks over R$150,000). $150,000).

With tradition and faith in the light commercial vehicle segment, which has been a leader for more than ten years, the SUV brand family could not be left out of this success. The Fiat Fiorino was selected as the best in the “Cargo Van” category in the “Highest Resale Value – Commercial Vehicles” award, as well as the “Sales Champion – Fleet&Cia 2022” as a “Van”. In the same award, the Fiat Ducato won the title in the Small Bus category and was also chosen “Best Van” by the Estadão Mobility award. Another important launch of Fiat in 2022, the Scudo was presented for the first time in its awards room as the Best Electric Van Award in the Best Truck from the publications O Carreteiro, Transporte Mundial, TranspoData and TV Caminhão.