Figurine Painting Festival and Kontrast Games

Figurine Painting Festival and Kontrast Games

Presentation of several hundred works, exhibitions of masters of miniature painting, exhibitions of war games or exhibitions of models made of Lego bricks – all this during the 3rd edition of the Festival of Figurine Painting and Gaming Kontrast. The festival will be held on June 2-4, in the Ursynów Cultural Center “Alternatywy”. Entrance and participation in the festival is free, some activities require registration at the festival reception. We invite you!

The purpose of the festival is to promote gaming and fantasy painting, which has developed a lot around the world after the pandemic. In Ursynów, we have been inviting the youngest residents to dance together for over 4 years. This year, the Contrast Junior Academy was founded, and 13 participants took part in this year’s edition of the festival. Figure drawing is a great hobby for the little one, because it develops imagination and allows you to acquire manual skills.

This festival is an initiative whose goal is artistic inspiration and presentation of good works submitted to the competition by Polish and foreign painters. It is supposed to be even several hundred of them, from single figures to dioramas and huge armies.

It is worth paying attention to the exhibitions of masters of sculpture. This year, big names will appear: Natalia Oracz, Marco Frisonii and Jarosław Drabek. During meetings with them, you will be able to see how to deal with various painting techniques and issues.

A large part of the festival is also an exhibition of war games, which will be held on more than 24 tables. It is a place where you will be able to play many different interesting titles, including: Star Wars, He-Man Masters of the Universe, Bolt Action, World of Tanks , Warhammer, Games of Thrones, Fire and Sword, Argatoria, Infinity. A special highlight will be Shutterpoint’s world premiere from the Star Wars universe.

One of the world’s most famous fantasy painters, Patrick J. Jones, will be the special guest of the festival. You will be able to meet him during a panel discussion and two special presentations. One was prepared in cooperation with the monthly “Nowa Fantastyka”, which is the media patron of the festival.

Another novelty at Kontrast is the exhibition of models made of Lego bricks, organized by a group of Wlugs from Warsaw. Models, dioramas and individual models will be presented on more than 20 meters of platforms. You will also be able to see one of the largest Polish Lego dioramas.

The concert will also have a musical accent, it will be a performance by the Weljar group, which will present its latest repertoire in an unusual concert. Weljar is a new and ambitious music project that was created out of love for our native culture and tradition. It is inspired by Slavic beliefs and old Polish mythology.

There will be many attractions waiting for participants and visitors, including a sculpture and gaming competition, an exhibition of works submitted for the competition, children’s sculpture workshops, a timed sculpture competition (speed painting) .

The festival is an original initiative of the Ursynów Night Painting group, the Ursynów District Office and the Ursynów Cultural Center “Alternatywy”.

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Festival schedule:

time. 19.00 – panel presentation and discussion with Patrick J. Jones

time. 10.00 – opening of the concert, start of the showaboutin games in the area of ​​Gaming, the beginning of the display of restrictive structuresaboutin Lego

time. 13.30 – workshop of Natalia Oracz

time. 11.00 – 16.00 – removal of painting speed

time. 16.00-18 – speed painting psemi finals

time. 16.00 – 20.00closing of the competition exhibition – judging the work

time. 19.00 – panel discussion with special guest Patrick J. Jones and surprise presentation

time. 20.30 – Weljar festival

time. 10.00 – the start of the competition exhibition and showaboutin games in the Gaming Zone

time. 11.00 – presentation by Marco Frisoni

time. 12.30 – painting speedly

time. 13.30 – presentation of Jarosłand in Camelson Drabek

time. 16.00 – presentation of resultsaboutin the competition – award ceremonyaboutd