Financial Time Trilogy at Dior, Prada and Singapore – LaConceria

Financial Time Trilogy at Dior, Prada and Singapore – LaConceria

As for the press review of the week, we stay on the Financial Times Trilogy. Because the economic and financial journal has given three different opinions, connected (in a more or less direct sense) but with one main word: “heir“. Already, in two cases we are talking about fashion companies that plan a controlled series. That’s what it does LVM extension promote Delphine Arnault (daughter of the father of the nation Bernard) for the position of Executive Director of Dior. And what does it do? Pradawelcome them Andrew War advise the young man Lorenzo Bertelli. Rather, it is a symbolic, informal handover between China and Singapore. Because the Asian city-state is becoming a new free port for wealthy citizens escape the People’s Republic.

Reading tips:

  • Speaking of the Financial Time trilogy, we advise you to read it firstanalysis on the rise of LVMH levels and Delphine Arnault. Analysts have long underestimated its weight in family dynamics and of the group. Instead now the appointment as CEO of Dior “places it in a more important executive role of Arnault’s five children who all work in a group”;

  • “It takes a long time to learn the job of a CEO”, says the guard Patrizio Bertelli. For this he asked the manager Andrea Guerra to the side son Lawrence. “A diligent worker of early intelligence – they tell the FT -, but a boy who is not very fond of creative ideas “;
  • Some details are, if you like, good. In the sense that, for example, it is possible to track the residential movements of wealthy Chinese people by following registration data. of new Rolls-Royces. PI was an FT analysis of the housing trends of China’s affluent class not just a collage of events and curiosities: a photo changes social. The rich are looking for new hideouts. And Singapore recommends itself as worthy heir Of bribe Congnow firmly under the grip of Beijing.

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