find a car available immediately in the sale of the Huillier group in 3 clicks

find a car available immediately in the sale of the Huillier group in 3 clicks

Established in southeastern France for 134 years, the Huillier Group is an authorized Mercedes-Benz distributor and repairer through 14 dealerships, including three in Isère Sud: Mercedes-Benz & Smart Huillier in Fontanil-Cornillon, Saint-Égrève and Gières.

The standardization of the purchasing process or the multiplication of communication channels are all changes that push suppliers to review their communication methods. Since 2018, the manufacturer has chosen to change its strategy and start the path of digital improvement and new standards. THE online showroom is one of the responses set by the manufacturer to respond to these changes.

Mercedes-Benz Showroom, a simplified experience for customers

Even if waiting times have shortened since the beginning of the year, the car market is still affected. To combat this problem and promote customer satisfaction, Mercedes-Benz, through its showroom, makes the purchasing process easier.

Indeed, finding a car near your home can now be achieved with a few clicks directly from the distributor’s website. Based on your selection criteria, you will be directed to a special page that will display the vehicles available at the dealership based on your choice.

Alexandre Besse, marketing and communication manager of the Huillier group explains: “Today we know that the purchasing process is changing and the current context in terms of long delivery times accelerates this trend even more. Studies show that more than 86% of customers begin their shopping journey online before ever going to a sales location. We must answer them immediately. This concept is part of a new era of retail business, which combines the physical world with the digital world with a clear goal: to focus more on the needs of consumers. »

A quality shopping trip

Using the online showroom as the first channel of information is a real time saver for the user. Indeed, it is immediately the notification of the availability of the desired car that the user will be able to contact an expert in the sale to benefit from his advice and offers but also to have the possibility to test the car of his choice.

“The convenience of the customer’s experience through the web does not leave us to provide all the necessary support at all stages of the purchase process, on the contrary, it is our responsibility to help the customer from A to Z. », complements the marketing and communication manager of the Huillier group. Buying a Mercedes-Benz effectively means benefiting from a set of very high-quality services, personal services and contractual guarantees.