First drive the car “on the bumper”, after crossing hard brakes.  Road pirate on the S8

First drive the car “on the bumper”, after crossing hard brakes. Road pirate on the S8

Dangerous situation on the S8 expressway near Łozina (Dolnośląskie). The Audi, which was driving on the left, was clinging to the bumper of another car, and when its driver was able to pass it, he cut off the path of the Volkswagen driver and braked hard. We received a recording on 24 Communications.

The incident happened on Friday, October 21, before 3 pm, and Mr. Sławomir was a witness. – I am a sales representative, I drive a lot and often see dangerous situations on the road. I was driving from Torun to Trzebnica along the S8 route and near the turn to Łozina, I noticed the daring behavior of the Audi driver – says the author of the recording, which we received on Kontakt 24.


“It’s just piracy”

As we can see in the recording, the Audi was driving “on the bumper” of the Volkswagen, and from what Reporter 24 told us, earlier its driver had also run away from other cars in the left lane, honking at them, among other things.

– When a car passed it, it braked hard. They were all going fast, about 100 km/h, and suddenly he braked to 50 km/h. It can end tragically – it stresses the person.

The record writer wanted to get off the express train shortly after. At one point he found himself on the left side of the Audi – which can also be seen on the recording – and wanted to change lanes. Then the Audi driver accelerated and passed our mediator on the right.

– The driver acted very irresponsibly. He was driving a nice, powerful car, and I think he wanted to teach a lesson to those who, according to him, drove too slowly on the left hand lane. This behavior is just piracy, the driver should face the consequences. It is a miracle that no one was injured. I reported the matter to the police – he added.

Author: ek, ib / tam Source: / Communication 24