First review: why the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 electric is a success and not a huge success.

First review: why the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 electric is a success and not a huge success.

Do not knock on doors! Or, really. Because the third door is the main one that distinguishes the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 of electricity from other versions. Such a door is practical or is it a very good gimmick?

What’s so interesting about the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 electric?

The Fiat 500e and 500e 3 + 1 are still in the shadow of their nearly 15-year-old (!) Petroleum counterpart in the Netherlands. Less than 25 percent of 500 buyers choose an electric car.

How right is that? Not according to shape. The Nuova 500 from 2007 was very successful and the rebirth of the rebirth is even better. 3 + 1 has a nice addition: the back door on the right. That opens up, like the old Mini Clubman, in a different direction. In terms of size and space, you do not get ahead.

What are the advantages of the Fiat 500e 3 + 1?

Unique is a marketing term that is somewhat exhausting (“Take advantage of this unique offer!”), But applies to Fiat 500 3 + 1. The appearance is very sad and cannot be compared to any other car, the third door. makes the 500 in our opinion the most iconic.

Comfort is also surprisingly good for everyone. Fiat chassis has no problem with almost all types of ridges. The seating position is also excellent, which clearly distinguishes the 500 new ones from its predecessor. You were feeling very high in that.

First review: why the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 electric is a success and not a huge success.

But it is mainly the power of the electric motor, as well as the compact dimensions, which makes the Fiat 500 unstoppable. Especially in the city, the 118 hp 500 feels at home like Albert Verlinde in a gossip program. It is still not allowed for corona time, but the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 gives you a better kart feel.

Parking in difficult public areas with a charging station is a piece of cake, a relief after the Land Rover Defender P400e with which we tried the charging lottery. The Fiat 500e 3 + 1 has a 85 kW charger as standard. With this you can get back to an 80% payout rate within 35 minutes. The distances are in theory over 300 km, although you are not close to that in winter conditions.

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What are the disadvantages of the Fiat 500e 3 + 1?

That extra door is nice, but adults still have to do a Houdini act to get in the back. You will only succeed if you sit aside, the project is not very long. If you are 1.90 meters tall, you can see in the picture above where you have to put your feet …

Electric cars are like babies with a lot of money: they would prefer to spend the winter in Spain until the sun rises again. During the winter season, the theoretical line under normal circumstances is 250 km, but if you do many kilometers of highway, then you can enjoy 200 km. on target. Half a long winter trip, the good old one is coming again various concerns look around …

Our testauto had a strange error: several times the browsing controller suddenly stopped. After that a message appears on the display that is temporarily unavailable. For a while it is a changing concept among Italians: sometimes it took a minute before working again, sometimes at least half an hour.

When will the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 come to the Netherlands and what is its price?

The Fiat 500 has never been cheaper, the electric versions are also quite expensive. The 500 3 + 1 and its extra door costs 2000 euros more than the usual 500 electronics.

The Fiat 500e 3 + 1 has been with the seller for some time and costs at least 32,900 euros. For our version of La Prima, including a rear view camera and flexible air travel controls, 17-inch alloy wheels and artificial leather, you pay no less than 37,900 euros. But that amount could be reduced, Minister Kaag is happy to open a heavy Treasury cover for you if you buy 500 electricity. The subsidy pan for electric vehicles by 2022 is not yet complete. So you will still be rewarded with a grant of 3350 euros for your purchase of the plug.

3 + 1 is only available with a large 42 kWh battery. The standard 500 three-door is also available with a small battery of 23.7 kWh.

What do I think about the Fiat 500e 3 + 1?

Is the 500th + 3 + 1 position a great achievement? True, if you see the third door as a good gimmick, or if you have small children you will have to lock their seats. That’s easier than with three doors. But not if you expect that the Fiat 500 now offers a spacious rear entry. It continues to bother high-level operators if you are tall … The 500 3 + 1 charm has no real and figurative value: it runs well, but you pay a high price.