Five German youths found guilty of theft of spectacular jewels in Dresden

Five German youths found guilty of theft of spectacular jewels in Dresden

One of Remmo’s family members on the first day of the trial

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Five German youths have been sentenced by a judge for stealing spectacular jewels in Dresden four years ago. The sentences of the men aged between 24 and 29 are between four years and more than six years in prison. The sixth suspect was released because, according to the court, he had a final alibi.

In November 2019, the five entered the Grünes Gewölbe museum. They left with diamonds and brilliance with a total value of 116.8 million euros. They caused more than a million euros in damage to the museum during the robbery.

Within a few minutes, the criminals managed to get inside by breaking the window after causing a fire in the electric box. This caused a power failure and the men were able to clear the display box and the masterpiece in five minutes.

The thieves fled in an Audi A6, which they set alight in a garage a few miles away. Investigators found a pistol, ammunition and a pole in the burned-out car. Parts of the window through which they had entered the museum were also in the car accident.

Roland Wöller, the interior minister of the state of Saxony, said shortly after the theft that works of art of “immeasurable value” had been stolen. “The invisible damage cannot be overstated. It is an attack on the cultural identity of all Saxons.”

In December last year, most of the stolen jewels were recovered.