FlatOut Issue 179: Subaru SVX guide, FlatOuter in STi Gallery and more!

FlatOut Issue 179: Subaru SVX guide, FlatOuter in STi Gallery and more!

dear readers, very soon on the latest edition of flatout brazil here we have a list of exclusive materials for subscribers if you have not yet participated in the world of flatout click here and register now if you want to check the previous editions click here flatout classics o subaru svx o classic futuristic sita- cylinder coupe and all-wheel drive from the 1990s and the beloved classic of the brand, the only problem here is that they all left the factory with a four-speed automatic transmission at least and that is what we believe in this week in modern flatout styles we will bring you a mythical guide of svx https //flatout com br/the mythical subaru svx manual flatout classics/ flatouter in japan is the nerd at the sti gallery in japan getting to know the history of subaru from the wrc team that drove the 1993 subaru wrc98 – all driven by colin mcrae myself – with subaru 22b number 000 https //flatout com br/sti ga image inside the house of subar u tecnica international/car culture can a nation that since 1955 forbids car competitions or racing in its territory does not manufacture and does not intend to be a nation of car manufacturers, certainly not Switzerland, our second opponent in the cup. and a nation of bankers not car manufacturers but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a swiss car and it wasn’t bad at all https //flatout with br/monteverdi the best car to come out of switzerland/ classics high pressure hydraulic circuit with lhm operating windows , brakes and many other touch points brake pedal that feels pressure no pedal stroke looks like a citroen no but it doesn’t have a super competitive v8 between two axles and giugiaro bodywork is it a great italian car or not https //flatout with br/maserati let’s go when citroen made a great Italian car/ history cayenne saved porsche from disappearing without 911 there would be no cayenne and no company called porsche; and without the 996 there would still be no porsche 911 today on the 25th anniversary of the biggest revolution in the history of the 911 we remember the car that changed everything and showed us the future of porsche the 996 https //flatout com br/ porsche 996 the car that saved porsche/ you still you haven’t subscribed cheap consider doing so as well as helping us keep our site and channel running you’ll have access to a series of exclusive subscriber resources such as technical car content and driver stories. reviews and much more [fo form plans]

Dear readers, welcome to the latest edition of FlatOut Brasil! Here we have listed exclusive articles for subscribers. If you are not yet part of the FlatOut world, click here and subscribe now! If you want to check previous versions, Click here.

FlatOut Classics

The Subaru SVX, a classic futuristic six-cylinder coupe from the 1990s, is the brand’s favorite. Just one problem here: they all came from the factory with only a four-speed automatic transmission. At least, that’s what we believe. This week in FlatOut Classics, we bring you the legendary SVX guide.

Legendary Subaru SVX Manual | FlatOut Classics

FlatOuter in Japan

Yes. A FlatOuter at the STD Gallery, in Japan, getting up close (very close) with the Subaru Legacy RS from Group A of the WRC, which raced in 1993, the Subaru WRC98 – both driven by Colin McRae himself – and, to boot , Subaru number 22B 000.

STI Gallery: inside the home of Subaru Tecnica International

car culture

Can a nation that since 1955 has banned auto racing or motor racing on its territory (no, formula E doesn’t count) also be a nation of car makers? Of course not. Switzerland, our second opponent in the cup, is a nation of bankers, not car manufacturers.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a Swiss car. And he wasn’t bad at all.

Monteverdi: the best car from Switzerland


High pressure hydraulic circuit with LHM. Steering, windows, brakes and a host of other things touched by him. Pressure sensitive brake pedal, no pedal travel. It looks like a Citroën, doesn’t it?

But no: it has good V8 competition in wheel space, two seats and Giugiaro bodywork: it’s an Italian supercar. Or not?

The Best Maserati: When Citroen made the Italian supercar


Did the Cayenne save Porsche from extinction? No, without the 911 there would be no Cayenne, and no company called Porsche; and without the 996, there would still be no Porsche 911 today. On the 25th anniversary of the biggest revolution in the history of the 911, we remember the car that changed everything, and showed us the future of Porsche: the 996.

Porsche 996: the car that saved Porsche

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