Flood and electric vehicles.  What would happen in Romagna ….

Flood and electric vehicles. What would happen in Romagna ….

Immediately after the floods in Romagna that submerged thousands of cars on the streets and in garages, a debate broke out on social media about what would happen if the cars were electric. In the front row, as usual, Nicola Porro and his buffalo “soup”. The fire of a Nissan Leaf in the showroom of the Renault dealer in Fornace Zarattini, in the province of Ravenna, and the “caution” warning from the Municipality of Ravenna, yesterday, did something else, and set off the alarm again. So three readers, Iorio, Fabio and Nicola ask us if there is anything to worry about. Send your questions to info@vaielettrico.it.

What is the difference between electricity and oil in water?

StHi, I don’t know much about the topic and so I ask: can flooded cars be deleted or can they be restored and there is a mistrust between fuel and electricity? Kiiori

vI am writing to get more information about the press release published on the website of the Municipality of Ravenna (the law) which provides information about electric and hybrid vehicles that were flooded.

You can also comment on the news of a car that caught fire at a dealership in Ravenna (read here) Thank you Mattaboni Fabio

FORltra Leek Soup, What do you think? Greetings. Nicholas

Is the municipality of Ravenna playing with fire?

vI am writing because this fraudulent statement from the municipality of Ravenna (attached) is circulating on social media. Only fakes of the creative municipality of Bugliano went far. However it seems that this is true, and it still appears on the fb profile of the Municipality of Ravenna!!

In addition, the fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, in practice and delivery should remain stationary (and for 15 days!!) 40% of the vehicles circulating in the area!

What can we do to protect ourselves against fakes, now also institutional ones, which do nothing but further delay the electricity times that Italy is already light years behind? Is a class action or something at the same institutional level possible that restores the truth and correct information? Marco Scozzafava

All electrical equipment is certified to withstand

Answer- We asked for advice on flooding in Romagna from Louis DeRocchi R&D manager of COBAT, a consortium dealing with the collection and recycling of batteries, and president of COBAT TYRE.

Traction batteries for electric vehicles, he confirmed to us, are hermetically sealed. They all are certified according to IP (International Protection) 66 standard. Then they have to withstand high pressure, multiple jets of water from 0.50 inch nozzles for at least three minutes, at a distance of three meters, with a water volume of 26.4 gallons per minute and a pressure of 100kPa. This is because water can get into the battery container cause a short circuitcausing overheating and ignition. All right lithium contained in cells it can cause overheating if it gets inside in contact with water or even just andhumidity in the air.

Is the Nissan gen on fire? We are waiting for expertise

The orange cables connected to the battery, motor and inverter are insulated in the same way as the battery and an additional protection system reduces the current in the event of a short circuit. However, they are not hermetically isolated 12 Volt auxiliary battery and terminal connectionsas is true in all electric or gasoline vehicles.

An electric car in good condition, therefore, is not should take damage for the traction system from immersion in water. The great damage which hot car engine That communicate with foreign countries through the air intake and exhaust pipes.

What happened to The Nissan Leaf is on fire in Fornace Zarattini and what they were and their conditions are still unknown. It can be damaged during flooding by hitting other objects, be defective from the start or already damaged before. Only expert opinion will clarify this. According to the construction summary of local newspapers, it would have ended up under water along with all the others, but by the time of the fire the water had already gone out and the garage was dry. The fire appears to have started in the back. From the video it seems that the fire was extinguished by water jets very quickly, which shows that the process of the hot road inside the traction batteries, in fact irreversible, has not started.

Municipal Alerts, a classic Porro scam

However, the Municipality of Ravenna has proposed, on the advice of the Fire Brigade and as a precaution, quarantine all plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for 15 days an open place and at least five meters from cars and other houses. Nin is a joke and not fake news. It is a measure of common sense, says Luigi De Rocchi considered to be on the side of bonds. On the thermals, however, stopping the machine will inevitably clean the engine from moisture and mud penetrating the air intake carburettors and exhausts.

The consideration of Porro and other sites based on which rescues would not have been possible if the rescuers were electrified is laughable. No hot car can work by being immersed in water. The motor stops immediately when water blows instead of air. Rescue vehicles they can interfere because they are amphibians. Vehicles with electric motors can also be amphibious, but it does not exist.