Florian Alt after the defeat: “We didn’t deserve it” / World Endurance Championship

Florian Alt after the defeat: “We didn’t deserve it” / World Endurance Championship

The 24 Hours of Le Mans ended for the Viltais Honda team on Saturday afternoon. Florian Alt then explained his situation and is confident for the rest of the EWC.

For the Honda Viltais Racing team, the practice week at Le Mans went according to plan and the number 333 team had a good qualifying result. Florian Alt, Steven Odendaal and Leandro Mercado qualified fourth on the grid at the 47th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Odendaal set the fastest lap of the three with a time of 1:35.330 minutes.

But Alt was only a few hundredths behind his South African counterpart and so Oberberger was allowed to take the starting spot at the Circuit Bugatti on Saturday. After a weak first lap that kept Alt below the top 10, he fought his way up to third on the Honda.

Mercado’s colleague, who is also in IDM, noticed at the end of his session that something was wrong with the Fireblade. 1.40 hours after the start, a loud engine noise abruptly ended the podium dream. The Argentine returned the bike to the pits and the team quickly dismantled the engine, but in the end there was no question of restarting the race.

Alt, who started Le Mans as the current IDM Superbike champion, was very disappointed. “I’m not happy at all because we don’t deserve this. We had no problems at all during testing and there were no problems with the engine last year either,” explained the 27-year-old in a TV interview.

“In this case, something took us out of the race that we had no influence on. It was out of our hands,” said Alt. “I’m very sorry to our mechanics because they did a great job. They spent two hours trying to get the engine running again so we could continue driving. Unfortunately that was not possible.”

Alt, who is competing in MotoGP this year as a commentator for the Sky television channel, still had words of praise for those around him. “Big congratulations to the whole team and to my teammates. We were very fast and our pace was great, but unfortunately we had bad luck. We will be back soon, I’m sure of that,” the Honda driver concluded.