Food: Fire brigades are surprised

Food: Fire brigades are surprised

The emergency services in Essen probably did not expect that!

In the Kupferdreh district, firefighters were called to carry out an unusual operation. Emergency services from Essen were faced with an intensive rescue operation.

Essen: The fire brigade wishes to use in the copper circle

Being a member of the fire brigade goes through a lot. Exciting rescue operations are part of everyday life for emergency services. In the case in the Essen district of Kupferdreh, firefighters were surprised.

On Saturday morning (November 12), local residents reported strange noises coming from an Audi. The fire brigade quickly realized that the cat was lost in the car. The previous evening, he let out a “meow” and seemed unable to extricate himself from the predicament.

According to the fire department, the animal was stuck on the floorboard in the right front tire area. Emergency services raised the car with air jacks and propped it up with scaffolding boards so it wouldn’t hurt the cat or damage the car.

In Essen, the fawn got lost in the interior of the Audi. Photo: Essen Fire Department

At the same time, the front tires and panels in the wheel arch area have been removed. Moments later, the cat jumped out of the interior and immediately ran away.

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