for a while, they only spoke through text

for a while, they only spoke through text

Lewis Hamilton revealed in an interview that he had some father issues in the past. Anthony served as his manager when he entered Formula 1 in 2007, but three years later the driver fired him. Many problems passed, then the serene one returned.

Lewis Hamilton He really wants to talk in this episode. The English driver, on the eve of his 17th season in Formula 1, is training as hard as he has to in order to compete with drivers younger than him, but the seven-time world champion answered a series of questions about life his and his work in the podcast. He was very different, tell them about his childhood, which was difficultof his work, but also of his bond with his father, Anthony. A report that hasn’t always been the best.

That Hamilton has his father as a legend is known, at least to those who love Formula 1 or look for Lewis. In hundreds of interviews he made no secret of having her as a legend, he has often remembered that his father worked three jobs to support the family and let his son drive a car and try to get lucky in motorsport. Father is not seen much today, he attends few races, he is there when needed and that is at the most important time, as happened in Gp of Abu Dhabi 2021 when Verstappen won the title by a hair’s breadth, or in a certain category – this year we saw him in Mexico with Perez’s father.

An important illustration High court for the experiments of Mercedes, who, however, sometimes had a tense relationship with his father and for this reason even wanted to erase him. Hamilton’s story is heartfelt, powerful and also makes us understand how difficult the lives of extraordinary athletes are on certain levels.

The Englishman entered Formula 1 in 2007, driving a McLaren immediately proves to be a classic. He came close to the title at the first attempt, in fact, lost it in the final, almost threw it away, then won it in spectacular fashion the following year. He remains in the top ranks, but in 2010 something breaks with his father who at the same time was continuing as his manager. At first it seemed natural to Lewis as an option to have him by his side: My father was my manager when we came to Formula 1. He worked very hard. His work ethic was an inspiration to me, I used to see what time he got up in the morning. He slept little, worked hours and hours in the garage for me, which made me better.”

But then something changed. Hamilton’s father had a very professional relationship with his son and Lewis wanted his father by his side, not a manager: But it was difficult for him to show me love. Sometimes I just wanted a hug from my dad. i wanted a hug”.

The driver, the only one who won more than 100 Doctors in Formula 1, found himself entering a new world and suddenly needed someone who told him love and at that time he did not get it from his father: “The 22, 23 years were all very intense, you don’t go to school to learn to talk to the media, at that time I had no one to help me, you make a lot of mistakes, you learn as you go. My father and I had an argument. I just wanted to be my father. I decided to separate from my father in order to make my own decisions. There was a time when we talked a little.”

Speaking about the separation father Anthony once said: It was a nightmare. It was like something had died. I was shocked, distraught. When he told me that he no longer wanted me as manager it was sudden, it happened suddenly.”

For a while they no longer spoke in words, but only in writing. Then their relationship, after a long cold period, returned to good: “I told him let’s go and be happy, let’s laugh. We haven’t done that in a long, long time.” The rapport between the mysterious driver and his father Anthony, who regularly shows up at the races, is back for a long time.