For car tourists.  Mazda recommends the best routes in Poland for the weekend.  Part 1 – Mites

For car tourists. Mazda recommends the best routes in Poland for the weekend. Part 1 – Mites

Poland has many different routes that are unique from a car perspective. For several years, Mazda has been visiting and describing a database of unusual places and routes that are ideal for car tourists and encourages people to travel in a slow spirit, i.e. not only slowly, but also more carefully and carefully. The SLOW ROAD BY MAZDA guide is a compilation of knowledge about places and routes in Poland, where you can find peace and harmony with nature, also during the coming weekend.

Landscapes painted with mountain peaks, a forest reflected in the surface of a lake or the sound of the sea breaking the wind blowing on the dunes create a network of priceless memories from weekends and vacation trips. Often, however, the road itself is an important travel attraction, and iconic routes, turns and loops have permanently entered the list of tourist attractions.


Route length: 80

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e.g. Approximate time: 1 day

This national park with the largest forests in Poland allows you to admire the amazing wonders of nature. It is intended to protect nature from people, so some parts of it are closed to tourists, but even this public part looks very interesting.

The way to Bukowa Góra, walk along the Echo ponds or visit the Polish horse farm is. must see for visitors to the Roztocze National Park. It’s also worth going on a hiking or biking trip to the lovely Florianka. There is a Forest Room, where you will see Polish horses.

The park itself and the surrounding areas are dominated by forests. The long, almost endless roads fit perfectly with the concept of the Slow Road. I recommend a ride from Zwierzyniec to Górecko Kościelne. On the way, you can admire beautiful places, and walk along the old oak road and the original chapels. There is a lovely church near the river Szum. You can have a nice dinner in nearby Karczma nad Szumem.

In Zwierzyniec, you must plan to visit the brewery. This is a very interesting journey that sheds new light on the history of the region, and at the same time shows the process of beer production from behind the scenes. It is also worth seeing the church on the water and walking along the road by the pond.

It is an interesting place Home Guciów. Visiting the mini open-air museum, you will learn many interesting facts about the area, while in the guest house you will taste delicious regional dishes. Moving further, we reached the village of Hutki, where we highly recommend walking along the Wieprz River.

Being so close, you can also check if the beetle is heard in the reeds in Szczebrzeszyn. It is better to choose the road through Topólcza, because on the way you will see an interesting loess canyon leading to the hill near the church. Through Kawęczynek, you will find Szczebrzeszyn. At the entrance to the town, on the left side of the road, there is a statue of a beetle. From Szczebrzeszyn, we recommend taking road number 74 to Gorajca Zagroble, where w Manor of bees delicious honey from Roztocze is sold.

Later, through Lipowiec, we reached Panasówka and road number 858, from which we returned to Zwierzyniec.

Route Map: Source Google Maps: Map link

For weekend car trips to be successful, you should remember a few basic rules:

  1. Plan your route before you leave. Familiarize yourself with access options, plan navigation to guide you through pre-selected locations and attractions. Know where you are going and how you want to get there.
  2. If you are going on a long trip, check the oil level and the condition of the tires. Refill your windshield washer reservoir, coolant reservoir and make sure all the lights in your car are working properly. If anything bothers you, contact your technician. Remember that well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicles are the most reliable means of transportation.
  3. Always remember to check the condition of the first aid kit and supplement it with necessary seasonal medicines, eg anti-allergy. Also, make sure you take mosquito and tick repellants.
  4. If you are traveling with children or a pet, check the seat buckles or seat belts. Remember to take medication to reduce motion sickness.
  5. On the road, remember to accelerate evenly. The faster you accelerate and the harder you brake, the more fuel your car uses.
  6. Try to keep a constant speed. Use cruise control not only on the highway. Monitor and predict the behavior of other road users.
  7. Pack carefully, you don’t have to take your entire wardrobe for a weekend getaway. Think about where you are going and adjust your clothes and, above all, shoes for planned activities. Be sure to bring sunscreen and sun hats.
  8. Prepare a playlist in advance or choose podcasts to listen to on the go. Audiobooks can appeal to younger travelers and the trip together will fly by in no time.
  9. Pack positive vibes, optimism and healthy snacks. Do not forget about water or coffee or tea from a thermos. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks – they won’t quench your thirst, they’ll make all travelers more excited.
  10. Remember that the joy of slow soul travel is the freedom to choose your own path and pace. Use proven inspiration and guidelines, but sometimes leave yourself room and the right to change plans at will.

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