For cars: BNP Paribas is launching a lease-to-buy offer for single-parent families

For cars: BNP Paribas is launching a lease-to-buy offer for single-parent families

While the government is tackling “social renting” for low-income households, BNP Paribas is launching a special offer for single-parent families. The bank, associated with the sale of the car 1807, offers them a special lease with an option to buy (LOA), “adapted to their budget”. In fact, a single father or mother, with children, can rent a car from 150 euros per month for a maximum period of ten years.

“As an indication, in the current market, a family pays LOA between 300 and 400 euros for a period of thirty-six or forty-eight months, insists Christophe Michaeli, director of the car market at BNP Paribas Personal Finance. We have created a special offer, for because we know that single-parent families are the most affected by the inflationary context that we are going through. »

Whether the client is banked with BNP Paribas or not, he is not required to provide a deposit at the start of the lease. The only limitation, he cannot terminate his contract when he wants but must keep it “for a certain period, at least seven years for a ten-year lease, so that everyone can find their way”, notes the market director. car.

Electricity, hybrid or bioethanol

As for the car he has the right to get, 1807 offers used Crit’Air 1 or 0 cars. dealer. Our intention is to enable these households to prepare for the arrival of zones with low production (ZFE). Often, their car is too old and they cannot afford to replace it. »

A single-parent family, without a contribution, can hope to get a petrol Opel Corsa with a bioethanol unit with only 30,000 kilometers for 165 euros per month, for ten years, which is to say a total of 19,800 euros over this period. Remember that car maintenance is free in the lease contract and that parts are guaranteed. “This makes it possible to be sure that it will remain in good condition, insists Christophe Michaeli. And protect yourself from possible life accidents or unexpected events that would prevent repairs or renovations from taking place. »

Under the terms of the lease agreement, the household will also have the option to buy back the vehicle at a value of 1% of its original price. “For the example of the Opel Corsa, which today is worth 15,000 euros, the family can get it for 150 euros, notes Christophe Cyrille. Although it will be listed, after ten years, around 3,000 euros. »