For the new model year: Volvo EX40/EC40 – more power, black look

For the new model year: Volvo EX40/EC40 – more power, black look

For the new model year
Volvo EX40/EC40 – more powerful, black look

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Other nomenclature: Volvo XC40 and C40 become EX40 and EC40. But – new model names and nothing else? Not at all. The compact SUV is now available in a power version. The Swedish automaker has also launched a Black Edition, similar to the larger series.

XC stands for crossover and C for coupés, which was easy to understand with the Volvo XC40 and C40 models. But then there was the Recharge option that the plug-in models had. And if there was a Clean Electric in the back, that meant an electric version. Ooh.

Along with the name change, the range of electric models includes the SUV EX30 and EX90 as well as the compact models EX40 – pictured – and EC40.

(Photo: Volvo)

Now the Swedes have cleaned up and simplified their naming system. In the future, all electrical series will begin with E, followed by a letter indicating the type. For the 2025 model year now starting, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric will be the EX40, and its coupé offshoot will be called the EC40 in the future. In the future, plug-in versions will be identified with additional T6 and T8, depending on the engine power.

With the name change, the electric model range consists of the small SUV EX30, the compact models EX40 and EC40 and the large SUV EX90. Currently, the Swedes only offer the seven-seater EM90, which is more than five meters long and whose “M” stands for Multi Purpose Model, only in China. You don’t have to be a prophet that the sedans announced for 2025 will be called ES60 and ES90.

New names and nothing else?

Volvo is introducing a Black Edition for all storage variants in the 40 series.

(Photo: Volvo)

A new model name and nothing else at the start of the new 40 series sales year? Not at all. Customers can now order the compact SUV in a power version. For an average extra charge of 700 euros, the performance program increases the engine power of the twin-motor all-wheel drive version from 300 kW/408 hp to 325 kW/442 hp. The EX40 performance model starts from the second equipment level Plus Dark for 62,890 euros. The C40 Twin Motor Performance costs from 64,390 euros. The 34 hp plus power does not affect utility or range. According to the WLTP, the EX40 Performance, equipped with an 82 kWh battery, can travel between 485 and 537 km, depending on the equipment.

And how does the power version feel? It’s no different from the tame versions, at least when driving normally. However, if the performance mode is activated in the sub-menu, the whole thing becomes more intense with a more direct steering feel and a more active response from the power pedal.

At the same time, the Swedes are introducing a Black Edition for all drive variants in the 40 series. As with the Black Edition models of the larger series, the name says it all: the cars are completely black, right down to the 20-inch high-gloss rims in a five-tone appearance.

The closed radiator grilles of the E models and the radiator grilles of the combustion engines are also painted black. It’s dark inside too, but at least the anthracite colored roof brightens the interior a bit.

The Black Edition models are based on the two highest equipment levels, Plus and Ultra, and cost an additional 1,300 euros. The EX40 in black looks costs from 56,590 euros. For the black EC40 you should invest at least 58,090 euros, for the XC40 with a petrol engine you should invest 49,190 euros.