Ford and Volkswagen stop introducing self-driving technology – IT Pro – News

Ford and Volkswagen stop introducing self-driving technology – IT Pro – News

Ford and Volkswagen have decided to stop investing in Argo AI, a startup developing artificial intelligence for self-driving cars. Auto companies want to turn to partners instead of developing self-driving technology.

Ford announced the news during the presentation of the its quarterly results. In it, the company says that it previously thought that autonomous cars would be available to the public by 2021. Now the company wants to invest in level 2 and level 3 autonomous driving. Level 2 autonomy includes driving assistance in and out of built-up areas and on highways. At the 3rd level of autonomy, the car can take over driving while the car is on the highway.

The company still has plans to introduce cars 4th level of independent driving produce. These are vehicles that can drive themselves under almost all conditions. The exception is conditions such as bad weather. But Ford says that this technology is far from ready for widespread use. The company also believes that it does not need to develop this technology itself. So Ford will look to other companies for this.

Volkswagen would also withdraw from the partnership. German automakers will also look for autonomous driving technology that can be implemented in a short period of time and will also be cost-effective. From now on, Volkswagen will partner with Germany’s Bosch and China’s Horizon Robotics for its autonomous vehicle ambitions.

Former Google and Uber employees own Argo in 2017 was founded to develop artificial intelligence for self-driving cars. Ford invested $1 billion in the startup that year, which has grown to $2.7 billion. The American automaker wanted to make the technology Argo AI had in the pipeline available to other automakers under license. End of 2021 Volkswagen presented the self-driving id.Buzz van. The variant of this will be the first Volkswagen Group car to have 4th degree of autonomy. Argo created AI technology to enable level 4 autonomy.