Ford EVs will get a ‘Tesla connector’ from 2025

Ford EVs will get a ‘Tesla connector’ from 2025

There are still different connectors and charging systems for EVs. So there is no single standard. In Europe, and many other parts of the world, AC, CCS and CHAdeMO seem to be common standards. But, there is also a ‘Tesla connector’, also known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS). That seemed, especially since Tesla is also starting to embrace the CCS standard, on the way out. The European versions of the Model 3 and Model Y therefore already have a CCS (Combo) plug.

Ford and Tesla will work together

This has not yet been the case in the United States. Of course, with this week’s announcement, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon either. Because Ford has he announced partner with Tesla. From 2025, electric Fords sold in the US will have a ‘Tesla’ plug or NACS.

In anticipation of this, all Ford EV drivers in the US and Canada will have access to Tesla’s full Supercharger network beginning in early 2024. Then they can not only charge their electric car at more than 10,000 DC fast chargers that are already part of the BlueOval Charging Network, but also at 12,000 Tesla Chargers in the US and Canada. Of course, existing Ford EVs don’t yet have a NACS connector. EV owners who wish to do so can obtain an adapter plug from the dealer.

‚ÄúThis is great news for our customers who will have unparalleled access to the largest fast charger network in the US and Canada with 12,000+ Tesla Superchargers in addition to the 10,000+ fast chargers that are already part of the BlueOval Charger Network . Widespread access to fast charging is absolutely critical to our growth as an EV brand, and this groundbreaking agreement comes as we ramp up production of our popular Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning and prepare to launch a range of next-generation EVs from. 2025,” Ford CEO Jim Farley said.