Ford F-150 Electric Driving Report: Game Changer

Ford F-150 Electric Driving Report: Game Changer

Now it comes to the market, with a bang and a trumpet: The long-awaited F-150 Lightning. Ford even suspended storage, though the company expects to produce 200,000 next year. At an affordable starting price of $ 39,995 (pre-grant) there is a comprehensive plan that extends to top-of-the-line Platinum, which has more than $ 90,000 hand-to-hand switch.

Ford F-150’s power is powerful, stable and fast charging. And it has some novel elements that turn heads – including the ability to enrich the whole house; board level that monitors load weight and adjusts the possible column; with a large front stem. Payment centers can connect directly to the vehicle and initiate the payment process automatically.

If the ship is to have electricity, then this also includes pick-ups; is a very important part of the North American car market, but many dealers also use it as a family and leisure vehicle. The F-150 has been the best-selling car in the United States for more than four decades. During the development of Electricity, the manufacturer talked to many potential customers to overcome their doubts and find out what expectations can be met or exceeded. It turned out that the car had to pull a lot – and there could not be any compromise in the normal carrying capacity. Eventually, Ford decided to introduce a number of additional functions, including the option of charging for external devices.

The standard variant produces up to 1050 meters of torque and 332 kW (452 ​​hp): has a range of up to 350 km. With a larger battery, the F-150 Power provides an impressive 427 kW (580 hp) torque straight up and is said to have a range of more than 500 km. It can also supply electricity to a tent camp or single family home, for example. The payload is 900 kg, up to 4500 kg can be pulled, which puts Stromer in line with its petrol-powered sister models. The front end provides the advantage of extra luggage space.
Driving is very different from the standard F-150. Because of the obvious improvements, many steps that can be taken, one-way driving is possible. And the existing rows and the appropriate charge centers are calculated according to the set weight and the built-in level.

Our experiment took us 120 miles[100 km]along Texas highways, with sloping speed limits that did not fit perfectly. The Blue Cruise autonomous system provides little stability on the highway. However, after a few seconds it pushes the driver back his hands to the steering wheel. However, the system is not fully functional: it tends to pull the pickup in the middle of the road and does not work quickly when other road users change lanes.

The F-150 electric has a full 50:50 light distribution, a four-wheel-drive two-wheeler that easily climbs hills, crawls in the mud, and discusses roadblocks. On the automatic crossing track, it was easy to maneuver on sharp curves, and at a load of about 750 kg, the extra weight was not noticeable.

In the United States, pick-ups are often relocated for a very long time. Ford takes into account this at least in part – with an eight-year warranty and 160,000 kilometers, which covers battery and car. The whole car is guaranteed for three years and only 49,000 miles.

A minimum purchase price of less than $ 40,000, for which the government re-subsidizes $ 7500, is quickly put into perspective when a bigger battery is needed. Available only from XLT equipment, which sells for less than $ 53,000 – and then costs $ 20,000 more. The Lariat version, which costs more than $ 67,000, reduces the additional fee to $ 10,000, and the Platinum version, which costs around $ 91,000, has a larger battery at all times. After all, all buyers can add up to two years free of charge on Ford’s Blue Oval network.

Electricity is no longer a real F-150 – but much more. It can do almost anything that the owners of a typical best seller are aware of. It is fast and excellent on the road, and also attracts off-road. Taking advantage of all government grants, it is currently a special offer – and it could probably change the game. Because most customers cannot avoid its influence. (Scotty Reiss, cen)

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