Ford F-150 Lightning (2022): The first test drive

Ford F-150 Lightning (2022): The first test drive

Using the new Ford F-150 Lightning (2022), the American automaker puts electricity into its best-selling retailer – bringing it to the heart of the community at a price starting at $ 40,000. The first experiment shows us how an electric pick-up works.

More than one million registrations in good years and over 600,000 sales even during Corona and chip trouble: The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling car in the USA for nearly half a century, which still struggles with China. The world’s largest automotive market – and as the Ford F-150 Lightning (2022) prepares for our first attempt and towards the future: Prices start at US $ 40,000 (around 38,300 euros; up to May 2022), Dinosau is thought to be not only good for electron mobility because it arrives at the community social center and the continental geographical center. It is also the first time for one of Detroit’s Big Three to get a strong response to the success of Tesla and other guests from California. Cybertruck is still a star and Rivian is only available in homeopathic tests to date – on top of that, the brand targets different clients. “It’s like comparing the Porsche 911 with the Ford Mustang,” says Darren Palmer, who is in charge of power supply in Detroit: “It’s very similar on paper, but in practice it’s two worlds.” Where Cybertruck looks very much like Star Trek and Rivian as Captain Kirk’s camping truck, Lightning continues to drive Texas Rangers and blows heavy metal instead of synth pop and atmospheric music: Beyond the LED arc on the power arch , the black plastic panels instead of a large chrome radiator grille and a light bulb with an American flag on the back are not what distinguishes the new Ford F-150 (2022) from its counterparts. More on topics: Tips for our products on Amazon

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Ford F-150 Electric (2022): Germany / Price

That is the cost of the electric F-150

Leslie watches the Ford Mustang Mach-e (2021) in the video:

First test for a new Ford F-150 (2022)

This also applies to a wide range of new Ford F-150 (2022) transmission systems: “We want to be the best as combustion engines in every profession,” says Linda Zhang, project manager. So Electric has just as much load as a standard F-150, pulls the same amount (t 4.5) and goes at least off the road. Only when you are driving do you feel like you are in a different world: it is still a high feeling to sit in a car five meters and weigh three tons, but where normal trucks are comfortable or brutal and are just as ridiculous, You are invited. von is the most subtle Force. Without warning, he explodes at speed – from zero to 100 in 4.5 seconds. And in fact instantaneous torque also helps on dirt or in front of a trailer. Although it is more powerful and faster, Electric is an example of an electric car during the first test drive, quiet, sudden, powerless and therefore more attractive. This is made possible by the technology package which itself is very attractive: Even the basic version of the new Ford F-150 (2022) has two engines with a total of 332 kW (452 ​​hp) and a higher model. up to 100,000 US-dollars, output rises to 426 kW (580 hp). Here and there, Newton’s 1050 meters of maximum torque are waiting to destroy the legitimate state of the mass. Energy for this is provided by two batteries, a small one with 98 kWh has a range of up to 370 km. Alternatively, there is a 130 kWh battery pack, which more than 500 km is possible.

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Driving games like a car, but poor payment performance

“But it was not enough for us to build just an electronic version of the most successful freight truck in the United States,” says chief engineer Zhang. We have created a real value added and redesigned takeaway. With the new Ford F-150 (2022), he means, on the one hand, a large animal, under whose electric lamp has 400 liters of storage space and multiple sockets. On the other hand, a battery, which not only saves electricity, but can also recharge – not only by drilling, pumps, etc., but also as a kind of emergency generator for a family home with enough energy for three days. a little limit, let the TV be turned off and turn off the air conditioner, you should be able to support yourself for ten days. For us, it is even more beneficial that we live a daily life in America: a small power outage is the order of the day there. “People buy a truck because they want to be prepared for anything, “says Palmer. Still, the electric F-150 is far from perfect: with its extra-sporty performance, the car slammed sharply into our first test car in the few corners you could find in the United States. aji gives a little feedback by comparison. Above all, the charging capacity of 150 kW is very small for such a colossus. Ford was in a hurry during development, had to look at money and therefore chose an operating voltage of 400 instead of 800 volts. But a little specific driving behavior or 40 minutes of charging time from 10 to 80 percent is a nitpick that won’t bother Ford customers much – at the moment no other electric car for dealers is competent in pulling, pulling and being able. cultivating in local land such as the new Ford F-150 (2022) – exactly at this price.

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Details of the new Ford F-150 (2022)

MOTO MOTO 2022 Ford F-150 Electric
Technical tests
engine two electric motors
transmission / drive regular translation; four wheels
overall performance 332 kW / 452 hp or 426 kW / 580 hp
High Torque Level 1050 Nm
battery capacity 98 or 130 kWh
External measurements (L / W / H) approximately 5900/2030/1920 mm
reduce weight / load No.
stem volume Fruit: 400L
Mileage (factory details)
Acceleration (0-100km / h) Sec 4.5
high speed 165km / h
Consumption per 100 km No.
Masafa 370 to 500 km
Purchase Information
Basic Price (test drive) $ 40,000
market launch Summer 2022

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