Ford factory in Saarlouis is about to be sold: A US media report is fueling new speculation

Ford factory in Saarlouis is about to be sold: A US media report is fueling new speculation

A media report is fueling speculation: is the Ford plant in Saarlouis about to be sold?

The Ford plant in Saarlouis it can just before selling stand up At least that’s what it says American media company “Bloomberg”. In a recent article, “Bloomberg” writes that the car manufacturer Ford is approaching agreement and a potential investor stand up Accordingly, Ford is currently trying to conclude a preliminary contract, which should lead to sales by the end of the month.

Apparently three bidders for the Ford factory in Saarlouis

As the report goes on to say, the overall situation is three bidders in high negotiations. Two of them are said to be from China. So the most promising party at the moment is Chinese conference “BYD”, which is best known for its batteries and electric vehicles. A second interested party should A group of small Chinese car manufacturers who were not mentioned in the report. Finally, Ford is in the top exchange with one German solar panel manufacturer.

No further details were provided in the press report. Official information on the upcoming Sales of the Saarlouis plant it has not yet been released by the automaker itself or by the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs, which was involved in the search for investors.

Saarlouiser Ford workers announce strong industrial action

In fact, at this point he already had one Investor of the Ford factory in Saarlouis should be found. Last year, the company announced in a schedule that the investment process should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2023. The actual results of long-term acquisition Later for the Saarlouis area but still.

The union IG Metall resigned a few days ago labor disputes at, must itself until the end of the month they haven’t done anything. “If no investor is presented by June 22, we have to assume that no one will be there,” said Lars Desgranges from IG Metall Völklingen. More on this under: “Search for investors in Ford Saarlouis continues: IG Metall threatens industrial action”.

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