Ford Fleet Management is live in NL •

Ford Fleet Management is live in NL •

Ford Fleet Management, a partnership between Ford and ALD Automotive, two of the world’s leading providers of mobility solutions, now also welcomes customers in the Netherlands. A strong partnership between Europe’s leading commercial vehicle brand and a global fleet management and finance provider ensures high fleet productivity.

Ford Fleet Management products and services are supported by innovative software from Ford Pro, which keeps commercial vehicles on the road with reduced downtime. The product portfolio is completed by a professional team of industry experts ready to provide the best shipping solutions for a wide range of customer needs.

Customers save time with a one-stop-shop solution for software, financing and fleet management. These products and services are designed to keep businesses running using a time-based Ford Fleet Management approach. In addition to leading models from the Ford portfolio, passenger cars or commercial vehicles from other brands can be added, so customers with a diverse fleet can also take advantage of Ford Fleet Management services.

“We know that businesses depend on the availability of their vehicles – to work, move goods or transport people. Our fleet management solutions ensure that the fleet is available at all times,” says Managing Director Marc van Eck. “That’s why our uptime-oriented approach is at the heart of all our products and services, and our experts are ready with a fleet solution tailored to any business need.”

Ford Fleet Management will contact Dutch companies that are interested in whether their fleets can be managed more efficiently. “Anyone interested in what this looks like in practice is welcome to an informal conversation where we show how Ford Fleet Management can help businesses with maximum efficiency and uptime,” said Van Eck.