Ford GT in Poland.  I started crossing him off my dream list.  Two letters so far

Ford GT in Poland. I started crossing him off my dream list. Two letters so far

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Every car enthusiast surely has his own list of cars that they would like to drive at least once in their life. There are two Fords left in mine. Taking from the F Super Duty series with a powerful V8 diesel (a hard working beast with more than 1200 Nm…) and just Ford GT. Once I had the opportunity to look at it Mustang Shelby, which I find to be one of the most interesting experiences at work.

Therefore, when I found out that GT II had arrived in Poland and there was an opportunity to at least look at it, I did not hesitate for a moment. In your dream list you can finally delete at least two letters from the entry “Ford GT”.

We took a look at how the Shelby GT350R drives. The only such Mustang in Europe. “Awesome car!”

Ford GT in the Ford Auto Boss showroom in Bielsko Biała

In Poland, GT is a foreign car. It is easy to meet people of color on the street big cars than the wonderful Ford with the V6 EcoBoost engine. And once someone buys a GT, they usually garage it as part of their collection and rarely (if ever) ride it. The approach of the owner of Ford Auto Boss is more interesting. He bought a GT, he doesn’t want to register it, but he also doesn’t want to hide it under a blanket. The car is in the showroom in Bielsko Biała among classic Fords separated only by posts.

Every visitor to the showroom can see this unique project up close. And the Ford GT is one of the true legends. Few models have a better page in automotive history.

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In the Mustang Mach-E, the spirit of the Mustang has not been lost. We’re looking at a new-age Ford

The history of the Ford GT is not only interesting for sports fans

I became interested in the Ford GT a few years ago, writing an article about the history of “some race car from the 60s and Le Mans”. I like motor sports, but the short and intense ones – F1 and MotoGP. The 24 hour struggle somehow didn’t get to me… Until then.

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to be interested in GT history. Recently, the battle between the Americans and the Italians for supremacy at Le Mans was recorded. Simple and accessible enough that director James Mangold and stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon captivated screen audiences who know nothing about the Ford vs. Ferrari battle. And they had a good time.

It’s art, but the filmmakers didn’t do it counter a story to be told. Full of flavor and controversy.

Ford vs. FerrariFord vs. Ferrari Entertainment every week

Mr. Ford argued with Mr. Ferrari

The song war between the producers is said to have started with a dispute between the bosses of both brands, Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari. Ford wanted to buy Ferrari, and negotiations were coming to an end in 1963 when Ferrari decided to break up. Enraged by the defeat, Henry Ford II ordered his own mechanics to create a Ferrari killer – the Ford, which would prove to everyone that the era of Italian domination was over and he would win the gold prize at Le Mans. So, in 1963, Ford Advanced Vehicles Ltd. was established and the works started in full.

After many failures, the Americans finally reached their goal and in 1966, after 24 hours of competition in Le Mans, Ford drivers stood on the podium in all three positions. The winning machine was created under the supervision of the famous Caroll Shelby, who took command in 1964.

photo by Ford |  Ford GT40 Mark IIphoto by Ford | Ford GT40 Mark II Ford GT40 Mark II

The three GT40 Mark II Fords came to the end together, but …

A historic victory for the New Zealand team consisting of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. It was not without controversy.

When it became known that three unchallenged GT40s would reach the finish line first, Ford management decided it would be best for the brand to draw and finish the race with three cars at the same time. Drivers were informed about the decision. Leader Ken Miles slowed to wait for Bruce McLaren behind him. Both cars hit the finish line after 24 hours together after covering 360 laps (third on the Ford podium covered 348 laps).

However, the judges decided that a joint finish and a tie were not possible. Differences in the starting position are included in the results. Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon were about eight meters behind Miles and Hulme at the start, and since the two Fords came together, Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon were awarded the win.

Ford GT40 Mark IIFord GT40 Mark II photo by Ford | Ford GT40 Mark II

The Ford GT is back on the road in the new millennium

In 2004, Ford launched the production of the new GT. It returned as a supercar that matched the Mark II’s Le Mans legend in every way. The car had a capacity of 5.4 liters V-eight, which gave the driver more than 550 hp. Performance? The best 100 in less than four seconds and a top speed of more than 300 km / h.

Only four thousand copies were produced. One of them was owned, of course, by Jeremy Clarkson. Advertised fan.

2004 Ford GT2004 Ford GT photo by Ford

The newest Ford GT has arrived in southern Poland

In Bielsko-Biała, I had the opportunity to see the latest incarnation of the iconic model up close. The Ford from the photo is a GT II. The latest generation went into production in 2016. The heart of the supercar is a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V-six petrol with two charges. Others complained that the manufacturer did not decide on an eight-cylinder unit, but Ford explained this by the low weight of the supercar (less than 1,400 kg), as well as the high power of the EcoBoost V6. Already at launch, it was around 650 hp, and over time, even slightly enhanced differences appeared.

The debate about the engine, however, obscures what is most important in this model. It is an amazing project that combines the heritage of the legendary GT Mark II with the cars of the 21st century. Already from the reduction, but it has not yet electrified everything that drives.

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

The Ford GT II impresses with its clean, unmistakable racing car look and details that have been developed with aerodynamics in mind. Although theoretically (as if it were registered) the black GT could legally take to the streets of Bielsko-Biała, it looks like a closely followed car.

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

A unique experience is taking the proposal behind the wheel full of buttons and knobs. It practically sits on the floor, and if you were on a run the day before (like me), you might have a problem getting out of it… The interior itself also makes a surprising impression. However, see:

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT IIFord GT II photo by Filip Trusz

Ford GT II is slowly saying goodbye

In February of this year, reported that production of the Ford GT II would end in December 2022, and the number of vehicles released on the road would reach approximately 1,350 units. Such a low number only emphasizes how exotic and unique this style is. Especially in Europe and Poland. It is possible that I will never be able to drive it. I’m more than happy that I was able to see it up close and sit inside. It’s a great experience for a fan.

The black Ford GT II is now in Bielsko-Biała. After some time it will move to another Boss Auto showroom, this time in Chorzów. It will also be displayed there and everyone will be able to see it.