Ford have decided: Valencia instead of Saarlouis

Ford have decided: Valencia instead of Saarlouis

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Ford wants to build its first electric car in Valencia instead of Saarlouis. How the German plant will survive is unclear.

Saaelouis – The Focus will be moving from a connecting line to the Ford factory in Saarlouis by 2025 – after which it will be completed. Maybe not just for a compact car, but also for the Saarland area. Because after a long battle with the first fully developed electric car, the factory lost. Instead, Stromer will be built in Valencia, Spain, which Ford decided after months of competition between the two plants.

Government politicians and workers’ representatives were hopeful that the works would be largely protected through electricity investment. Ford’s decision has now dashed that hope. The future of the plant is quite clear and even closure seems possible.

The task force now wants to define the future of the Ford factory in Saarlouis. © Ford

Ford have decided: Valencia instead of Saarlouis

To secure the future of the area, the Saarland state government had put together a grant package along with the federal government, as “FAZ” reports. According to Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger (SPD), this is closer to $ billion than 500 million euros.

Apparently, however, the package in Spain was more attractive to Ford, because both areas are at the same level from a technical and strategic point of view. However, renovations are also pending at the factory in Spain, for example the number of workers should be reduced.

Ford has decided: Taskforce should define the future

Regarding the future of the Saarlouis factory, Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley simply said that a task force would be formed and how to proceed with the workers’ representatives and the Saarland state government would be discussed. “Now we are trying to find ways to give more affected workers the future,” Rowley told dpa. There are opportunities inside and outside Ford.

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Ford also insisted that Valencia’s decision was not a decision against Germany. The manufacturer, who recently attracted Bronco’s attention in rainbow colors, hopes to invest two billion euros in the Cologne area, where European headquarters are also located. Two new models have been developed, based on the Volkswagen platform, and a battery connection factory.