Ford is bringing back the counters of the 1960s in the new Mustang with a software update

Ford is bringing back the counters of the 1960s in the new Mustang with a software update

Exactly sixty years ago yesterday, Ford gave a big press conference. The three major American television networks broadcast the press conference live, no doubt with financial incentives from Ford. A new model was presented: the Ford Mustang. It turned out to be a good move, because four months after the presentation, more than 100,000 horsepower cars had been sold and less than two years later the millionth Mustang left the factory. And that sixtieth birthday should be celebrated.

You can see the 60th Anniversary Ford Mustang as a birthday cake. A Mustang Experience Center will also open at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the US and the Mustang GT3 will receive a special paint scheme. But in our opinion, the best way for Ford to celebrate is with the old standards in the new Mustang.

Old counters for the new Ford Mustang

Ford adds old counters to the current Mustang with a software update. To download the update, Mustang drivers must enable the ‘Automatic Software Updates’ feature and schedule the update through the ‘Software Update Settings’ menu. After that, you can find the 1967 and 1968 Mustang specs on the 12.4-inch instrument screen.

By the way, these are not the only old counters that you can find on the screen of the new Ford Mustang. By default, you can choose Normal, Sport, Circuit, Calm and Fox Body for the display. The latter is another classic. You can see how fast you are driving and how many revolutions you are doing through the counters of the Fox Body Mustang, the third generation Mustang that was built from 1987 to 1993.

How much does a new Ford Mustang cost these days?

In the Netherlands and Belgium you can only order the latest Mustang with a V8 engine. The GT with a manual transmission costs at least 131,900 euros (58,460 euros in Belgium) and with a ten-speed automatic transmission the Mustang costs at least 136,400 euros (61,460 euros in Belgium). For the best work, choose the Dark Horse. It costs 145,400 euros in the Netherlands with a manual gearbox (70,260 euros in Belgium) and 149,900 euros with an automatic transmission (73,260 euros in Belgium). Or do you want to wait until GTD arrives?

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