Ford is going after Kia, Peugeot and the company with the offer of its star SUV

Ford is going after Kia, Peugeot and the company with the offer of its star SUV

In Ford They know well that, although it is one of the oldest products in our country, other producers such as Come on o Peugeot They have a large market share.

It is no coincidence that a dedicated brand is trying to gradually find its way onto our roads based on very attractive offers that are already its best-selling models.

A good example of this is the current offer which Ford Plaguerepresentative of the brand in the southern part of the compact size and competing against the name has been established and successful in Spain as in Sports or 3008.

Ford Kuga PHEV with a top finish for 300 euros per month

Ford wanted to offer, as we see in its configuration, one of the most interesting versions of its tank, among other things because it is the version that has 225 hybrid hybrid engine of strength associated only with the completion of the ST Line, the top of the range.

Ford Kuga PHEV

A version that allows you to have more than 50 kilometers of freedom in electric mode but at the same time have the advantages of a traditional combustion engine and, for its finish, have the latest technology from the American brand.

The main attraction of the offer is the monthly payment of €299 per monthalthough you must also take into account the entry fee, the final fee and the commission in addition to the interest, so its final price will end up at the limits. 50.000 €. It is clear that it is a very high price, but it must be understood that we are facing the best version of this equipment in every sense. Ford.

It will not be surprising then that, with such attractive advertisements, sales of Plaguethe model, which is behind some of its direct rivals, will increase significantly in the coming months.


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