Ford is regrouping: Fiesta must go, e-crossover is coming

Ford is regrouping: Fiesta must go, e-crossover is coming

ford is planning a restructuring – the manufacturer wants to reposition itself under the keyword “Adventurous Spirit”. The strategy is also dedicated to e-mobility, which should be reflected in future models. But it also means that party disappear from the market.

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The small car from Cologne will be built until the end of June 2023 party and Fiesta ST retiring after a total of 47 years. Serial production will begin in the spring S-Max and Galaxy put. From 2030 he wants ford provide only fully electric vehicles; and as early as 2024 three new electric models should come to market.

The Fiesta goes, the new e-crossover comes

It will be until the end of production party only give about five doors. Cars that have already been ordered are still being built and delivered to customers. For Fiesta-Aus, production of combustion engines at the Cologne plant will also be discontinued. The one-liter gasoline engine, which is currently still being manufactured in Cologne, will be built in Romania in the future.

Ford Fiesta Facelift

There was just another chapter, now the surprising news: Ford Fiesta will be discontinued at the end of June 2023!

The end of party it also means a new beginning. The subcompact is going, and a new, all-electric model is coming – a mid-size, five-seat crossover (see diagram above). The new mid-size series is scheduled to roll off the assembly line at the “Cologne Electric Center” (CEC) from 2023 and may be based on the larger Mach-E in appearance.

Examples of combustion puma and Cough it becomes ford but continue to provide, including Cough plug-in and electric hybrid planned for 2024 puma. It is planned until 2026 fordselling more than 600,000 electric cars in Europe.