Ford Kuga recall: 36,400 vehicles in Germany were affected

Ford Kuga recall: 36,400 vehicles in Germany were affected

Ford is recalling various versions of the Ford Kuga due to a fire hazard. Which variant is included in remembering and what exactly is the period of construction.

It can start burning in the engine compartment of the popular Kuga SUV (14,286 units registered in the first half of the year, eleventh place among the best-selling models). That’s why Ford is recalling 36,400 vehicles across Germany with the 2.5 liter petrol engine, which is installed in plug-in (PHEV) and full hybrid (FHEV) versions. Those affected are vehicles that rolled off the assembly line at the Spanish plant in Valencia between August 2, 2019 and June 13, 2022.

Damage to the engine can cause a fire

A failure of the rod bearing can damage the engine block or oil pan, which can cause oil and/or oil vapor to escape. “Due to the underbody protection design of the engine and the active radiator shutter system (Active Grille Shutter), oil or grease may collect under the engine cover under certain operating conditions,” said a Ford spokesperson on the website of “kfz-rueckrufe” he said. .

Flammable substances can move to hot spots under the hood, causing fire, melting components or smoke.

Ford rates the fire risk as very low, with three known cases across Europe. In a workshop appointment, however, additional drainage holes are drilled in the underbody protection. This is to prevent oil or grease from accumulating there.