Ford Motor Stock: A Real Champion!  ()

Ford Motor Stock: A Real Champion! ()

As of September 16, 2022, 10:11 pm, the price of Ford Motor shares on the New York home market is USD 14.89. The paper belongs to the “Automotive Manufacturers” branch.

In a rigorous analysis process, analysts from our company evaluated Ford Motor based on a total of 8 evaluation criteria. All individual parameters result in a classification as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. Due to this, the overall stock classification is calculated in the final overall evaluation.

1. Technical analysis: Viewing the technical development of a stock using moving averages can be used to determine the current trend of a security. Let’s look at the moving average of the closing price of Ford Motor stock over the last 200 trading days. This value is currently USD 16.23. The last closing price (USD 14.89) is very low (difference -8.26 percent). On this basis, we rate the stock as a “Sell” How does this calculation look if you determine the moving average based on the last 50 trading days? At this value ($14.45), the near end is close to the moving average (+3.04 percent). In this case, therefore, the stock of Ford Motor has a different rating, ie “Hold” rating. Ford Motor stock has therefore been given a “Hold” rating by a simple chart approach.

2. Investors: A look at the discussion on social media shows the following picture: Over the past few days, market participants were generally positive about Ford Motor. There were a total of five positive and four negative days. For five days there was no clear direction. However, the latest news (in the past day or two) about the company is mostly negative. Based on our sentiment analysis, Ford Motor is therefore given a “Hold” rating. Optimization programs counted several confirmed trading signals at the same time, most of which indicated a “buy” trend. A collection of buy signals also results in a “buy” rating for this benchmark. Overall, Ford Motor receives a “buy” rating from the editors on investor sentiment.

3. Sentiment and Buzz: In the past few weeks, there has been an increase in positive sentiment about Ford Motor on social media. The weather gauge of market participants was in the green. The stock therefore receives a “buy” rating from the editors. The weight or, to put it simply, the frequency of contributions to the stock gives an indication of whether the company is currently more or less in the target of investors. There has been more discussion about Ford Motor than usual, and there is also an increase in caution. This results in a “buy” rating. Overall, this gives the stock a “buy” rating.

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