Ford Mustang 2024: production decline |  Automotive News

Ford Mustang 2024: production decline | Automotive News

• Ford reduced production of its new 2024 Mustang to conduct a quality analysis.

• One of the problems identified earlier concerned the valves of the V8 engine.

• Ford is publicly committed to improving the build quality of its vehicles.

Ford laid off UAW union members at its Flat Rock, Mich., assembly plant during the launch process for the next-generation Mustang.

The Detroit Free Press (DFP) daily reported the news.

The manufacturer reduced production teams during the week of April 24, while the plant was closed the week of May 1. Last Friday, Kelli Felker, a spokeswoman for the company, predicted that it would also be closed this week.

A factory worker involved in the launch of the model told the DFP that the construction of the first 2024 models was completed in early April and that the final quality check included three components; adjustment problems with body panels, electrical problems, as well as V8 engine valve problems.

Photo: Ford

2024 Ford Mustang Engine

Answering questions from the DFP, Kalli Felker said this on behalf of the company: “We are committed to ensuring that our cars are built to the quality our customers deserve and we will take the appropriate steps to implement that commitment.”.

He recalled that Ford had changed its vehicle launch processes to emphasize quality, which involved slowing down the release of cars to examine every detail of manufacturing rather than risk shipping cars.

We saw it recently with the Super Duty model that took advantage of a new quality process tested directly at the factory. Ford CEO Jim Farley has publicly stated that improving quality is now a top priority. Ford spends billions each year on recalls and warranty repairs, more than its competitors. Of course, these costs eat into profits.

What will be interesting to watch is what will happen next for models that benefit from this new quality check. Ideally, they shouldn’t be the victims of many such recalls if most problems are resolved before they reach the dealership.