Ford Mustang California Special 5.0 V8 450 hp.  Test, driving experience, fuel consumption, price and equipment

Ford Mustang California Special 5.0 V8 450 hp. Test, driving experience, fuel consumption, price and equipment

Such measurements are not rejected, even if the weather is bad, if the weather was bad, there were plans to work on other projects. Even more so now, in the era of the crazy ecological movement. Who knows, maybe in a few years there won’t be cars like the Ford Mustang California Special with a 5.0 V8 engine and 450 HP.

There is no point in explaining the style of the Ford Mustang with the California Special Pack. Yes, it’s just a styling package that doesn’t change anything when it comes to technical details. It’s a traditional Convertible (Convertible) with extras such as 19-inch Carbonized Gray alloy wheels, an upper and lower front grille, while the top has a special GT/CS badge. In addition, there are also stripes on the sides with the GT / CS logo, leather upholstery with logos, etc. All this makes this model a very attractive car that attracts attention not only for its appearance, which is obvious, especially in orange, but also for the good sound of the engine. I agree that in my opinion, it is the quintessence of this type of car, which should be fun not only for the driver, but also for everyone in the area.
The car is manufactured at the Flat Rock plant in Michigan.

There is also nothing to explain here, because everyone knows this engine very well. This is the popular five liter V8 with 450hp and 529Nm of torque with dual fuel injection. Combined with an active exhaust system with several settings, this engine can wake up half the neighborhood if a nighttime driver accidentally misses their foot on the gas pedal. Moreover, with a direct, 10-speed transmission, this is especially noticeable. It is enough to press the gas pedal for a while while driving slowly so that the gearbox makes 2-3 gears and turns the old V8 into a revolution with a loud roar from the exhaust. Yeah, I won’t hide it, it’s a really cool experience and I’ve played with it a lot.

Acceleration is also fun, as the run from 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.8 seconds. Of course, the acceleration, so powerful and accompanied by a roaring V8, doesn’t stop there. The engine drives this car very powerfully even at high speed and it seems that it will have no resistance to accelerate this car, which weighs around 1900 kg, to a speed of more than 250 km / h at an alarming speed. Of course, you need to be careful when cornering, because the gearbox, which I will write more about shortly, can surprise the driver, which can cause skidding of the rear axle. With 450 HP and rear axle drive, it’s easy and the driver should be familiar with it. Of course, with all the systems on, you need to be very passive and show a lot of stupidity in order not to control the slide. Traction control is disabled in track mode, for example, jumping the car is very easy. Worse with restraint, and it’s all because of … the chest.
The 10-speed gearbox is good for slow driving on boulevards or roads, as the engine maintains around 2,000-2,200 rpm at 120 km/h. This translates into better fuel consumption.

  • fuel consumption in the city (50 km / h) – 12-13 l / 100km;
  • fuel consumption on the road (70-100 km / h) – 7.5-9 l / 100km;
  • fuel consumption on highways and highways (120-140 km / h) – 8.5-10 l / 100 km.

For a smooth ride on the road, you can easily achieve results below 10 liters, while in the city, dropping below 13 liters is very difficult. It depends a lot on the amount of traffic, because the speed of this car significantly increases fuel consumption. Well, the charm of such engines. Back to the gearbox, he does very well during a quiet ride, also strong lungs are not a problem for him, and dropping a few gears happens very quickly, but sometimes I had the impression that he himself did not know which one. equipment to take. There are 10 of them to choose from, so it’s no surprise. This is especially noticeable when driving in the city, in traffic, when reaching traffic lights, etc. He also had jerks, but as I said – too many gears.

It was also not pleasant in strong corners, because the gearbox sometimes changed gears at the right time, which made the car lose stability. It ended up slipping a few times. This doesn’t happen often, but it ruins the confidence in the car a little. I would like to check out the version with the supposedly impressive Tremec 3160 manual – with an additional oil cooler and a system for adjusting the engine speed during downshifts – but there is no such version of the Mustang in the field of Polish journalists.

Besides, driving such a car with the roof down is pure pleasure. Unfortunately, during the test of several days, the aura was not very good, but I got a few breaks between rains and I was hiding the roof as soon as possible. The roof can only be folded / unfolded when stationary, or at least in my case, the system did not allow the mechanism to be operated even at the speed of moving in a traffic queue. With the roof folded down, of course, the sounds coming from the four exhaust pipes, normally placed to monitor the situation, eliminate any distraction, and the gearbox to reduce a few gears suddenly becomes a perfect companion for these trips.

Prices for the Convertible version (Cabrio) start at PLN 281,200 for the version with a 6-speed manual transmission. You have to pay PLN 10,000 extra for the 10-speed automatic gearbox. Is it worth it? I would like to play with this manual and look at this car in a more controlled situation, when the gearbox does not try to know better than me, but for every day, for normal driving, probably better directly. But it is a matter of taste. The additional California Special package costs PLN 9,300 and includes:

  • 19” alloy wheels painted Carbon Grey;
  • upper grille – California special styling;
  • lower grille – California special styling;
  • stripes on the sides of the body with the GT / CS logo;
  • Miko Suede leather seats with GT / CS logo and red stitching;
  • Miko Suede door panels with red stitching;
  • heated and ventilated front seats;
  • carpets with red stitching;
  • “California Special” logo on the shock absorber strut and “California Special” lettering on the boot lid;
  • dashboard trim with “Carbon Hex” material.

There are many more civilized proposals on the market that can be faster, certainly more sophisticated, better made and better maintained. However, Mustang in this variant is the quintessence of the Americans, a slightly stupid approach to driving, which manifests itself in a unique environment and driving pleasure. In addition, it is difficult to find a second such car on the market. And this engine. Simple, a little ugly, but very pleasant to realize – happy when driving calmly and piercing the air with a terrible roar when the driver wants to go crazy.

Ford Mustang California Special – Benefits:

  • great design that attracts attention;
  • Variable V8 engine, very powerful and efficient;
  • the wonderful sound of the unit enhanced by the working exhaust system;
  • surprisingly high travel comfort;
  • lots of space inside;
  • surprisingly low fuel consumption while driving smoothly.

Ford Mustang California Special – Cons:

  • the usual American method of finishing the interior;
  • roof control only when stationary;
  • sometimes the operation of the gearbox is unpredictable.

Comparison of Ford Mustang California Special 4.0 V8 450 hp (AT10) on selected competitors:

Ford Mustang Convertible (Cabrio) 4.0 V8 450 hp (AT10)

BMW 4 Series Convertible M440i (AT8)

Mercedes-Benz Cabrio 3.0 400 333 hp (AT9)

Price (PLN, total)

from 291 200

from 345,000

from 327 700

Body type / number of doors

convertible / 2

convertible / 2

convertible / 2

Length / width (mm)




Track front / rear (mm)


Wheel base (mm)




Cargo capacity (l)

322 / N / A

385 / N / A

360 / N / A

the number of seats




Own weight (kg)




Fuel tank capacity (l)




Storage System

internal combustion

internal combustion

internal combustion

Type of oil

Unleaded petrol

Unleaded petrol

Unleaded petrol

Capacity (cm3)




Number of cylinders




Driven axle




Gearbox, type / number of gears

automatic, 10 steps

direct, 8-step

direct, 9-step


Power (KM)




Torque (Nm)




Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s)




Speed ​​(km/h)




Average fuel consumption (l / 100 km) – factory data

11.5 (WLTP)

7.7 (WLTP)

8.8 (WLTP)

CO2 emissions (g/km)




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