Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving?  Yes goodbye!

Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving? Yes goodbye!

With the arrival of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, you might have thought that the days of the ‘real’ Ford Mustang were numbered. But no, the new one will come in 2023, with a five liter V8!

In the press release about the arrival of the Ford Mustang (2023) the pride of the Word document is distributed. So Mustang’s resume is impressive: in 58 years more than 10 million copies have been built. The Mustang is the most liked car on Facebook, according to Ford, and has appeared in many movies, such as bullitt and Gone in 60 seconds.

Mustang 7th generation

With all car brands now working with plug-ins, it could be that the Ford Mustang will be ‘taking off in 60 seconds’ soon. But in 2023, the current sixth-generation Mustang will be replaced, as before, it will come as a coupé and as a convertible. And not only in the United States. “We’ll take that shit to Holland”, someone at Ford might have said, like Sywert and his mouthpieces.

Mustang straight

Ford doesn’t say a word about electrification. As for the five-liter V8, the only engine variant coming to the Netherlands. The V8 is mated to a six-speed manual or a ten-speed automatic. Ford doesn’t want to say anything about power and performance. The current V8 in the Mustang is good for 449 hp (GT) or 460 hp (GT Mach 1).

What we do know is that the Mustang has more direct handling, with six driving modes (Normal, Sport, Slippery, Drag, Track, and a program you can customize to your liking). Also standard on the Mustang menu: a Performance Package with 19-inch alloy wheels, a limited-slip sport differential for better traction, Brembo brakes and an exhaust system that delivers the right engine sound for every driving style.

Appearance: large grille, small headlights

In fact, the Mustang still looks better than its predecessor. The large classic grille – which is designed slightly differently depending on the equipment – is now flanked by narrow headlights. The daytime running lights are similar to the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. At the rear, the overhang is short, quite in the Mustang tradition, and the coupé has a large spoiler. The water dispenser is flanked on both sides by two rear tubes.

Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving?  Yes goodbye!
Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving?  Yes goodbye!

Something modern in the Mustang

Is there nothing modern about the Mustang at all? However, you see that when you enter. Nostalgic lovers will be disappointed by the disappearance of the double arches above the dashboard. Instead, the Mustang now has a large digital instrument panel (12.4 inches), which is combined with a multimedia display (13.2 inches).

Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving?  Yes goodbye!
Ford Mustang V8 (2023): electric driving?  Yes goodbye!

Mustang (2023) price: unknown

Not only about the power, but also about the price of the Ford Mustang V8, Ford does not show anything. Maybe you have to be “screaming capital” – again Sywert in mind – to be able to afford one. It currently costs at least 108,690 euros. The sportiest version of the Mustang will be the Dark Horse, which is perfect for the track. It gets the same V8, but with more power.