Ford Polska stands for SUVs and crossovers.  However, it is still decreasing

Ford Polska stands for SUVs and crossovers. However, it is still decreasing

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Ford Poland summarized the last month as well as the period from January to April. In both cases, the results are not good.

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In April, 2,338 were sold cars under the blue circle symbol. This is a worse result than 13.2 percent. compared to April last year. 1,086 cars were sold, i.e. 8.7 percent less, and 540 vans (38 percent less). In comparison, the SUV and crossover segment has improved. 712 sold carswhich is better by 12.8 percent.

A total of 8,940 vehicles were sold between January and April. Sales of passenger cars and vans both decreased compared to the same period last year. The SUV and crossover segment saw growth again – 38.4 percent. (3572 pcs).

In April, Kuga was selling the best (347 units). The new Fiesta took second place, with the lowest point of the box Mondeo.

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After four months, Kuga is also the most chosen model (1612 items), followed by Puma (972 items) and Fiesta (818 items).

Electric (BEV) and electrified (PHEV, HEV, mHEV) models after four months of 2022 account for 33.6% of the total. brand sales, while a year ago it was 18.7 percent.

The best-selling vehicle in April was the Ranger, which gained 124 new buyers and was the best-selling pickup truck in Poland. It is worth noting that Transit, Transit Custom and Transit Courier have also sold at least 100 copies. After four months of the year, Transit leads the list, with 36.1 percent. participation in the sale of branded vans. The model is also the fourth best-selling delivery vehicle in Poland during this period.