Ford Ranger Struck by Lightning Destroyed: Know Why

Ford Ranger Struck by Lightning Destroyed: Know Why

In recent times, a video capturing the aftermath of a lightning strike on a Ford Ranger while traveling on the BR-020 highway between the municipalities of Simolândia and Posse, located in the interior of Goiás, has been making rounds on social media.

The footage depicts the vehicle’s interior in a state of complete devastation, which has sparked widespread skepticism among online users. It is commonly believed that a car serves as a safe haven during thunderstorms, making this occurrence all the more surprising.

Thankfully, the driver of the Ford Ranger emerged unscathed from the ordeal. According to expert technicians who provided assistance to the driver, he took swift action to prevent the fire from spreading by promptly closing the windows and depriving the flames of oxygen. Despite the fact that the inferno did not engulf the entire interior, the dashboard, and upholstery were rendered completely unusable.

Watch the video:

The car is one of the safest places

The visually jarring footage depicting the utter obliteration of a truck’s front end may be a startling sight, but rest assured, being ensconced within a motor vehicle remains one of the most secure refuges during a thunderstorm. However, the tires’ rubber composition does not provide any insulation from the airborne electrical discharge.

As exemplified by the reputable British show Top Gear, contemporary cars function akin to Faraday cages. The bodywork proficiently steers the electric current around its occupants, effectively safeguarding them. The car may either emerge unscathed, or it may incur damage to one of its electrical components, as evidenced by the Ford Ranger in the aforementioned video.

Ultimately, the burden will indeed permeate the bodywork but it will invariably find its way to the car’s electrical system and subsequently, ignite a fire. However, let us be realistic, preventing such a conflagration is a straightforward task.