Ford remembers about 10,000 petrol engines in Germany

Ford remembers about 10,000 petrol engines in Germany

fat loss Ford remembers about 10,000 petrol engines in Germany

In the worst case scenario, Fiesta, Puma, Focus and Kuga are threatened with fire in the engine compartment. The campaign contains at least six figures worldwide.

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The move also affects Puma from Ford.

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Ford Werke GmbH spokesman has announced the return of approximately 9,800 copies of Fiesta, Puma, Focus and Kuga models with a 1.5-liter petrol engine in Germany. “In some affected vehicles, the engine oil separator (cylinder head ventilation) may have been damaged before the engine can be connected,” he said.

In addition to the usual consequences of leaks caused by this, such as oil odor, oil smoke and lubricant on or below the engine, in the worst case there may be a fire in the engine compartment, according to the speaker. “However so far no accidents or injuries have been reported in this regard,” he stressed.

International number is not available

Specifically, the now-ordered Fiesta was removed from the conference line in Cologne between August 2, 2019 and March 16, 2021. Focus production dates are August 6, 2021 to March 11, 2022 (Saarlouis), for Puma June 3, 2020 to March 21, 2022 (Craiova / Romania) and Kuga August 17, 2021 to March 21, 2022. (Valencia / Spain).

“Ford dealers will check the oil separator for any damage or oil leaks and, if necessary, replace the oil separator with seals,” the spokesman announced. The international maximum number of recovery and internal code of the manufacturer “22S21” is not yet available. In North America alone, however, there are about 382,000 units. In addition to Kuga – called Escape there – Bronco Sport is also on the list.

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