Ford renews business strategy in China |  FormulaPassion – World of Auto

Ford renews business strategy in China | FormulaPassion – World of Auto

Ford is preparing to renew its business strategy in China with the aim of maintaining its competitiveness. Jim FarleyThe CEO of Blue Oval, said the company will focus more on the business areas that have recorded the highest profits, and that it will improve its commitment to the electric vehicle sector and in exports.

From China to the rest of the world

In this regard, Ford’s number one described the activities of the Chinese company, and in particular the joint venture with the local Jiangling Motors Group, as “export booths” where electric structures and commercial vehicles will be built cheaply exclusion of other markets such as Latin America, Australia and Mexico. The main goal is to give life to the declining Chinese business, for which less investment will be required, and above all more efficient, it is clear that it is not expected to serve all the foreign markets in which Ford operates.

the importance of the side

Making changes to the business strategy in China does not mean reducing the vitality of this market for Ford. Farley himself wanted to emphasize this idea: the importance of the Asian country to the American brand and the automotive industry in general. it has never been questioned. In confirmation of this, the Blue Oval has announced that the new generation Lincoln Nautilus that will be sold in North America will be imported from China.

This is Farley

“We believe that China is not only the largest market for electric vehicles in the world, but that from a digitization customers are in front of the whole world, which is also why it is a very important market for us – Jim Farley’s words reported by Carscoops – Battery technology and digital customer experience, along with a range of advanced products and software and hardware integration, are the main reason our presence in China.”

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