Ford returns to racing with the Mustang.  The goal will be to beat Ferrari again

Ford returns to racing with the Mustang. The goal will be to beat Ferrari again

Most likely, the Ford Mustang Dark Horse will be the basis of a family of racing cars developed in GT3, GT4, Australian Supercars Championship, NASCAR tests. And there is no guesswork here, because sports director Mark Rushbrook said it directly:

“With the racing programs already underway, we are confident we have the right car to deliver the success we want.”

The new Mustang shown in Detroit. Ford was surprised by the Dark Horse version with … a skid brake

The latest generation of Mustang surprises not only with a brand new digital dashboard, but also with a track version and remote control option.

It is certain that drivers will receive the car for the US IMSA race in the 2024 season. Work on GT3 car regulations for WEC endurance races is still ongoing, but here too Ford will be seen & hairsp; –   it’s a matter of time.

Bill Ford, chairman of the board, at the Dark Horse premiere said: “There is no race or track that means more to us than Le Mans. We faced Ferrari there, then we dominated in the 1960s and finally, 50 years later, we enjoyed it again our victory.

Bill Ford reiterated the success of the GT model in the sports car class in 2016. I want a repeat with the new Mustang.

The program assumes that The GT3-spec Mustang will make its official debut during the 2024 Daytona 24-hour race. As this race takes place at the beginning of the year, Ford intends to make the final touches to the regular LeMans’24 based on the experience gained.

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