Ford Transit Ford and Ford Tourneo Custom on the Polish market (photo)

Ford Transit Ford and Ford Tourneo Custom on the Polish market (photo)

Ford Polska has launched two new types of commercial vehicles – the Transit Custom van and the comfortable Tourneo Custom van.

Ford Transit Ford and Tourneo Custom on the Polish market (photo)

These two cars not only have a common part of the name (Custom), but are also based on the same design. However, they have different purposes – the Ford Tourneo Custom is a bus, and the Ford Transit Custom is primarily a delivery vehicle.

As indicated by Adam Kołodziejczyk, CEO of Ford Polska, the appearance of the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Tourneo Custom is an example of a comprehensive transformation of the range of Ford commercial vehicles, which will take place at the end of 2013.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is a one-ton utility vehicle in the Ford range. Finally, it is to replace the current Transport, which is moving to a heavier part.

The look of the Transit Custom echoes the new Ford model. For example, a large air intake, which we already know from the new Fiesta model, appeared in the front part of the body.

According to the manufacturer, more than 40 percent of the body is made of high or very high steel. As standard, the car has a 12-year puncture warranty.

The front seats are brand new. The control system has been simplified and the appearance has been changed to refer to those in the passenger models. The ergonomics of the cockpit has been improved, which has been improved in accordance with the principles of the Ford brand known from the latest passenger models. The manufacturer emphasizes that the windshield is the largest in this segment

There were also significant changes to the suspension. The chassis design and its components have been enhanced by 37 percent compared to the previous model.

The drive uses a Duratorq diesel engine with a capacity of 2,198 cc, offered in three power ranges: 100 hp (310 Nm), 125 hp (350 Nm) and 155 hp (385 Nm). According to factory data, the average fuel consumption of Ford Transit Custom is 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new Transit Custom model range includes Van, Kombi and Van z versions
double cab (5/6), versions with two different wheels and versions with different gross weight.

At launch, the new model will be available with a short wheelbase of 2,933 mm (total body length of this version is 4.97 m) and a long wheelbase of 3,300 mm (total body length of this version is 5.34 m).

Ford Transit Coustom price list starts at PLN 76,130 net (Van version) or PLN 94,730 (station wagon).

Ford Tourneo Custom

The Ford Tourneo Custom is the passenger version of the Transit Custom. However, unlike the Estate, this car offers the highest level of driving comfort for passengers and the best quality of materials used.

This vehicle has the characteristics of a comfortable van that provides passengers with maximum travel comfort. It can also take a lot of luggage.

Ford Tourneo Cutom can be offered with two (option of five seats) or three rows of seats (option of eight or nine seats – depending on the choice of seats). The two back rows are a completely new, original design, thanks to which the individual seats can be freely folded, configured or separated.

Each row has three individual seats or two, each of which can be folded individually. In addition, the backrests can be folded flat – which allows you to create a workstation or picnic table – or vertically, so that you can create additional luggage space.

The manufacturer informs that a total of 30 different configuration settings are available for all rows of rear seats. The rear seats have backrest angle adjustment and armrests for the outer seats of the second row. There are three-point seats next to all seats seat belts.

The optional luggage rack has three movable rails that are mounted in mounting holes in the roof panel and can be folded or folded as desired. This allows you to reduce air resistance when driving and keep the height of the car under 2 meters, the roof rack can be loaded up to 130 kg.

The Ford Tourneo Custom has a pair of sliding doors and side steps for easy entry and exit. The cargo compartment lid is raised as usual.

The eight- or nine-seat Ford Tourneo Custom is available with a short wheelbase (2,933 mm, overall length of 4.97 meters) or a long L2 (3,300 mm, overall length of 5.34 meters).

The Ford Tourneo Custom is available in 125 and 155 hp versions. In the most economical variant, the car should consume an average of 6.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

The cheapest Tourneo in the Trend equipment variant, powered by a 2.2 TDCI 125 HP engine, costs 143 975 PLN total

Wojciech Frelichowski

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