Ford wants to end the “how much discount will I get?”  From January 2024, the price without haggling.  End of billions in advertising

Ford wants to end the “how much discount will I get?” From January 2024, the price without haggling. End of billions in advertising

Ford CEO Jim Farley has announced that starting in January 2024, the brand’s electric model prices will be final and non-negotiable. It’s about making life easier for customers and reducing the stock of vehicles that have already been manufactured and are now being sold in the dealership. A new marketing approach means targeting people and building customer loyalty instead of spending billions of dollars on TV and media ads.

Ford: Direct communication with the buyer, without wasting money

Tesla has reshaped the world of cars, and now it is also increasingly influencing the world of media. Volkswagen is trying modern relationships (see: ID. Drivers’ Club), Ford wanted them. In addition to efficiency, the American company also looks for savings, and when you need to cut costs, markets always go under the knife first. As for “spending billions on TV ads”, Ford’s president talks badly (the source; recording the presentation HERE)

An attractive way is to set fixed prices so that customers do not expect to receive any discounts. The purchase price will not be negotiable, the amount should be calculated in a transparent way, the process of setting up the car itself should change to evoke a positive impression on potential buyers from the very beginning. The goal is to build relationships so customers will go to the same dealership in the future, said Doug Field, Ford’s manager of technology and product development.

Cars should not sit in parking lots near showrooms, Ford wants to launch “filling stations” that will be able to store several weeks’ worth of products. The car should be delivered from such a center directly to the recipient in less than 10 days. Electronic purchases (electricity only) can be completed online on the manufacturer’s website and can even be delivered to the customer’s home, however. it is still intended to be a seller-buyer relationship with Ford acting only as an intermediary.. The new sales policy is expected to come into force in January 2024.

Note from the editorial office of Elektrowóz: more or less many companies directly show us that Tesla has inspired them a lot. They liked direct marketing and communication with the buyer – and this is small to maintain in the age of social networks. Some suggest that after the growing seasons, when many new varieties will enter the market (ie until 2026/27), the media should focus on starvation. The money will be diverted.

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