Ford will not change until Android Auto until 2023

Ford will not change until Android Auto until 2023

Ford will not change until Android Automotive until 2023. The car brand planned to change the car’s internal system by 2022, but has now come to the conclusion that this is not possible. It is still committed to making a difference, but not until next year.

F-150 power cannot be improved

It is a shame for people who have already ordered F-150 Electric, because these cars come with 4 Synchronization and cannot be upgraded. Ford announced its partnership with Google in February this year. It would leave its Blackberry QNX information system for the Android car entertainment operating system.

Ford CEO Jim Farley says the manufacturer is behind schedule for several months TheVerge† He says: “We are making great progress. I’m really impressed with the team that Google has put together for this. They are very useful – as you can imagine we do not want a general solution for the Mustang tool panel. We want to get it for the first time. But it’s a little late, so it will be later in the summer. ”

Android Automotive

The first car with Android Automotive was the Polestar 2, an electric car that you can also see driving here and there in the Netherlands. Android Automotive is very similar to Android as we know it from smart phones. For example, you can use Google Maps, talk to Google Assistant (without touch) and you can play music via Spotify. The advantage is that you use the car’s touch screen and it is already pre-installed, so you do not need your phone (and therefore you are not tempted to read the app yet).

However, it goes further than that, because Android Automotive can also communicate with sensors in the car, so it can tell you, for example, how full the battery is and where to find the nearest charging station. Google Maps even takes into account the different types of your car when you want to plan a trip.

Si Android Auto

So Android Automotive. Not to be confused with Android Auto (which has approximately the same name and therefore causes more confusion). That’s the system you can use your phone for in your infotainment system, as it were. Android Automotive is a complete operating system that is already built into the car. There are not many cars you still have, but there will be many more in 2023.

Not all trips are smooth in Ford, because recently it had to decide to sell cars that did not have treats. There is still good news, because in Europe the brand wants to do more with electric cars.

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