Ford, you pay more than 4,000 euros for this SUV and it’s a guarantee: crazy Italians.

Ford, you pay more than 4,000 euros for this SUV and it’s a guarantee: crazy Italians.

A great opportunity for Italian motorists, who will be able to buy a great model of Ford for very little money.

Opportunities present themselves in different forms and nuances and it is for this reason that one must be good at seizing them. The world of cars is becoming more and more diverse and above all it shows many different faces, and used cars that offer the possibility to conclude exclusive deals, as in this case. Ford.

Ford, an SUV you pay very little (Source: Ansa Foto)

In recent years it has become easier to buy used cars, with websites promoting this market that have increased in appearance. From CarFax to there is no shortage of individuals who want to sell their old car.

Always remember that when the transfer is not done through a seller, you will have to complete various bureaucratic steps yourself. Of these obviously don’t forget the sales deed and the stamp duty you will have to pay which is at their expense every time you go to the seller.

To collect Part of NP3C associated with submission to the PRA, and Form TT2119which represents a request to renew the registration certificate, you will have to go to the Motorist Telematics Desk.

Therefore, to know this information, at this point all you need is to enter various used car sales websites and choose the best one for you. Today we want to show you a wonderful gem, you have Ford Kuga from only 4000 Euros.

Used Ford Kuga: engine, mileage and characteristics

It is a very good 5-seater SUV, with a length of 443 cm, a width of 184 cm and a height of 167 cm. The 2008 edition turns out to be the first sold by the Detroit house and which is sold for sale is 2.0 TDCi DPF 2WD.

Ford Kuga from Euro 4000 (Source:

The seller posted an ad on May 15, 2023 at and it is in that of Sarzana, in the state of Spice. The car is from 2008 and is Euro 4 with diesel fuel with manual gearbox.

This Kuga is a front wheel drive car with a 2000-cc engine, and 136 horses inside. The acceleration response is 10.2 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h and its top speed is 186 km/h.

This is the basic model of the first version of Ford Kuga It was born in 2008 and its average use may discourage buyers. In fact, on average it predicts well 16.9 liters to be able to drive 100km with this car marks well 207,000 km have already been traveled.

To convince buyers and not a little, its very competitive price takes care of it, in fact Euro 4000 is nothing for this car. Obviously, knowing the mileage is not enough to understand how the engine has been treated, but 200,000 km in 15 years means that the car has traveled around 13,000 km per year and therefore should not present any major problems.