Forgotten Concept: Cadillac Typhoon, Technological Manifesto

Forgotten Concept: Cadillac Typhoon, Technological Manifesto

Cyclone was a 1959 project designed by Harley Earl, head of the fashion department and vice president of General Motors. Harley Earl was a seer who painted one of his final projects with Hurricane. Although the car was not intended to enter the market, it was a technological slogan: in this style, Cadillac showed the way to the future in terms of style and technical!

Collision prevention radar

The first thing you notice when you check a car is the black “cones” on the front. Of course, the brand provided inspiration for this from air travel, but there is also a technical reason: these cones hide … radar, which is used to prevent collisions! Above the passenger is a removable roof that has been treated to protect against UV radiation.

Great V8 sound!

Finally, like a real sports car, this coupé was created based on the distribution of weight: the front engine (smoke in front of the front wheels) and the automatic gearbox mounted on the rear axle for better distribution of weight between the front and rear . . Finally, the car had an independent suspension on all four wheels, which was not released in 1959, even on our Atlantic side! After all, it took until 1964 before Ferrari, for example, set up a completely independent suspension for its road models …

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