Former Genesis singer Ray Wilson is coming to the CD camp

Former Genesis singer Ray Wilson is coming to the CD camp


An extra class musician has declared himself. On Friday, March 17, 2023, Ray Wilson will be on stage at CD Kaserne, the musician who replaced Phil Collins as the leader of the group “Genesis” in 1997. After the band broke up and then went on two more tours with Collins, Wilson found himself name as an independent artist.

“I enjoy it more”

And not because of his long concert tours. “It’s already clear to me that I could also do a few more concerts. But that’s my job now. And that’s what I enjoy the most,” said the Scotsman earlier in an interview with CZ. In addition to many original songs from Genesis such as “Carpet Crawlers”, “No Son of Mine” or “Ripples”, he now has songs from many solo albums that he can repeat.

“Don’t lose your treasure trove of Genesis songs”

However, he says: “Genesis only became important to me when the band I was working with no longer existed. When it became clear that I could no longer carry on, I was faced with the decision to leave Genesis for good, as Peter Gabriel had done so successfully, or accept my old musical life. And I didn’t want to lose this treasure of beautiful songs.”

Songs by Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel

And so the 54-year-old mixes his own material with that of Genesis at his concerts. “Calling All Stations,” the album he recorded with the group, remains Genesis’ fourth best-selling album. Apart from the title track, songs like “Kongo” or “It’s none of our business” are absolute live highlights. He also has a few songs by Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins or “Mike and the Mechanics” in his program.

However, Wilson’s solo career proves he’s long since moved on from the Genesis past. “Makes me think of home”, “Change”, “Lemon Yellow Sun”, “Song for a friend” – the work is very large and worth listening to.

Best live band

Not least because of his live band, his concerts become a great experience. His brother Steve is just part of the “count” as pianist Kool Lyczek, drummer Mario Koszel, violinist Alicja Chrzaszcz and Marcin Kajper, who plays bass, saxophone, clarinet and flute.

memories and emotions

With two albums “Upon my life” he released his songs from the last 20 years, during which he recorded nine studio albums. The album captures many of the memories and emotions of the Scottish singer’s unique and fascinating career. The album contains two brand new songs: “Come to the end of the world” and “I wait and pray”. Both songs are inspired by a politically confused, ecologically altered and alienating world.