Formula 1: A young hopeful turns down a big contract from Ferrari

Formula 1: A young hopeful turns down a big contract from Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton was not the only one who made it clear when he moved to Ferrari that it was a dream for many Formula 1 drivers and racers to one day move to the Scuderia. Many young talents have probably dreamed of playing in red since they were children.

With Formula 4 jewelry, this dream is about to come true. René Lammers is one of the biggest racing talents in the series and he got the chance to sign a big contract with Ferrari. Ultimately, however, he and his family decided against the Formula 1 racing team’s offer.

Formula 1: “We didn’t have a good feeling”

René Lammers would like to follow in his father Jan’s footsteps for a long time. He was active for various teams in Formula 1 between 1979 and 1992. His son is still missing, but the 15-year-old is currently making a splash in Spanish Formula 4.

He impressed with good performances in the kart series and put himself on the radar of some of the top racing teams – including Ferrari. The Scuderia was apparently so keen on Lammers that they offered him a huge contract.

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Lammers already had a multi-year contract on the table – but the youngster turned it down. “It looked promising at first,” emphasized Lammers’ father on the “GPFans” website. “It was definitely an opportunity we had to give a chance,” he added.

Matassa leave the reason to decide?

“We had a very good start, but there were things we didn’t have a good feeling about,” said the 67-year-old, adding: “So in the end it was a good experience, but with a ten-year contract” To sign the one we talked about, it has to be consistent and there has to be a good feeling on both sides maybe they didn’t have that in a Formula 1 racing team.”

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The main problem was that Marco Matassa, a key contact, left Ferrari’s small plan. “Whether that was his decision or whatever, we don’t know the details,” Lammers said, but “the personal communication we had was good.” Later there were some open questions, uncertainty that played a role in the decision making process.