Formula 1, Ferrari 2022: The dream of the World Cup is already over!

Formula 1, Ferrari 2022: The dream of the World Cup is already over!

Summer break in the 2022 Formula 1 season. Sports is using the non-racing period to look at the first half of the season for the premier teams. Today: Ferrari. How good are the Reds compared to last year and why are they still unrepresented in World Cup contention?

Objectivity vs. Reality
For a team like Ferrari there is usually no other real goal in Formula 1 than the world championship, especially after the card has been changed due to the rule changes during the winter. But while the F1-75 is arguably one of, if not, the best car in the field, the head train is probably already gone. It would take a miracle for the Scuderia or an injury for World Cup leader Max Verstappen to recover. In this regard, Ferrari’s season must be dismissed as a disappointment.

Ferrari: A series of errors halts title hopes

The maximum possible at the moment is the runner-up title, both in the constructors’ and in the drivers’ world championships. All are currently on track, although Mercedes in the battle for the team title and Red Bull driver Sergio Perez are just behind on the drivers’ side. Ferrari’s biggest problem this season has been reliability and translating speed into good race results.

Engine damage in Leclerc in Spain and Azerbaijan, as well as in Sainz in Austria, and several other defects cost a lot of points. There were accidents too: Leclerc threw away a possible victory in France – but at least P2 – leaving a safe podium in Imola, Sainz crashed on the first lap of the Australian GP and was eliminated by Daniel Ricciardo in Emilia-Romagna. GP. The Scuderia’s strategic mistakes at Monaco, Silverstone and Hungary also contributed to the points deficit.

If you measure Ferrari’s current position by the last few years and not by their own expectations, the world of Maranello already looks better. Although you were only third in 2021 and regularly won the podium, this year you have reached the top in terms of performance, which is also reflected in the points table.

They were further behind in 2020, as the Scuderia finished sixth in the Constructors’ Championship. So the trend is the same for the Scuderia and that applies not only to the planning at the end of the Formula 1 season but also to the development this year: Since the improvement in Canada, the direct gap against Red Bull has been greatly reduced and. was in terms of performance in the summer months.

Formula 1 2022: A series of bankruptcies after a good start

The best comes first! This is the best way to describe the first half of the Scuderia’s season. Because after the Bahrain GP, ​​the position of the world championship was still red after the victory of Charles Leclerc – the first since 2019 – and at the same time, thanks to the drama of Red Bull in the last laps, it was also a victory twice. There is no better way to start the World Cup.

In fact, the Australian doctor can also be here, which in the case of Leclerc clearly emphasized the prospects of the world championship, because Ferrari proved itself to be the best in the world in terms of performance for all fields in the race and leading in the world championship of drivers was bigger than before. However, Carlos Sainz’s crash on the first lap ruined the race.

The Scuderia’s journey in the first half of the season was full of low points. Morally, the pain was great at the races in Monaco and Hungary. Both times Ferrari started as the heavy favorite and for both doctors they then gambled for victory on the pit lane. The GP at Imola also stands here with only six points from Sunday’s race, Leclerc’s mistakes and Carlos Sainz’s two crashes.

But the biggest sporting embarrassment happened to Ferrari at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where neither red car even lasted half as long. Sainz’s hydraulic failure on the eighth lap was followed by severe engine damage to Charles Leclerc’s car, which was leading. The only zero of the season not only mathematically set back Ferrari’s World Championship aspirations by miles, but also finally exposed the technical weaknesses of the F1-75.

A beast worthy of Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc:
In the first 13 races of the Formula 1 season, Charles Leclerc performed at an international level, especially on one circuit. The 7 pillars speak for themselves and the fact that the Monegasque, despite his short time at the Scuderia, is already third in the all-time statistics at Maranello speaks volumes. Not only on one circuit, but also in the race, Leclerc Carlos Sainz was clear than the points of the Formula 1 World Championship. However, the season so far has been very good: two driving mistakes in Imola and especially in France cost important points. With Ferrari’s reliance on fake tactics, Leclerc will have to wait at least a year for a chance at the world championship.
average grade MSM Driver Position: 1.98 (P2)

Carlos Sanz:
Last season, Carlos Sainz finished just ahead of Leclerc in the final tally – albeit by a bit of luck. This year the gap between the two Ferrari drivers is widening. In qualifying, Sainz lost an average of less than 0.3 seconds and only managed to beat Leclerc twice in head-to-head battles. In the race, he is also often unable to match Leclerc’s pace. Although Sainz won his first title and his first victory in England, he clearly has more trouble with the new generation of cars than his stablemate. There were also a few driving mistakes at the beginning of the season, such as qualifying for Imola, Australia or Barcelona.
average grade
MSM driver level: 2.57 (P9)

Comment: Better to be inconsistent than slow believes, Ferrari seems to have already lost the 2022 World Championship. But at least they lost it on the track and not, as in previous years, before the start of the season with a very slow car. The Scuderia still has to clean up a few areas in order to qualify for the World Cup again, especially in the strategy department and in terms of reliability. But – and this is the most important thing – there is a car in Maranello that you can build and that, with the right development, can fight for the world championship in the future. Although that is not the final claim of the Scuderia, it is a start after several dark years.