Formula 1: Former Ferrari president Montezemolo: to replace team boss?

Formula 1: Former Ferrari president Montezemolo: to replace team boss?

Not any name stands for Scuderia Ferrari like Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (75). The Italian was president of Ferrari from 1991 to 2014. He celebrated great success with Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn and Jean Todt, but also had to watch Ferrari remain without a title since 2008.

This will not change in 2022 either. After Verstappen’s five consecutive victories, Charles Leclerc is already 116 points behind the Dutch champion. Ferrari is second in the constructors’ championship, 139 points behind Red Bull.

The Scuderia also messed up again at the home race at Monza. Because of the hole that was too early, the Leclerc-sitter had no chance of victory.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is criticized

When asked about Ferrari’s high level of mistakes, Di Montezemolo told L’Equipe: “In my time we also made mistakes, as happened at Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. Only Ferrari is seen with more media attention. And Ferrari will not forgive anything because it’s a Ferrari.”

The result: At Monza, rumors were circulating for the first time that race director Mattia Binotto was being put to the test due to numerous bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns. Even more: He is threatened with alienation.

“Mattia Binotto is smart enough to protect his team at all times,” emphasizes Di Montezemolo and can praise and criticize him at the same time. “He takes the shots for his people. Mistakes have to be understood and then corrected. Binotto is an excellent technical director, but running Ferrari’s racing department is different.”

So he would also change the boss of the team? Italian: “Who am I to say that? Ferrari is like the flag of Italy – a national monument. Before I brought Jean Todt to Maranello in 1993, I thought about this choice for a long time. There was a big circus in the media. If I were to look for a new boss , I would look outside of Formula 1.

Not only in Monza: Ferrari is a holy place in Italy

His advice to the Scuderia: “If we only focus on what Red Bull Racing or Mercedes-Benz are doing, then the problem will not be solved. We have to reinvent ourselves, create new forces. Ferrari has created a very competitive car. One person alone does not win world titles. Formula 1 it’s a team sport.”

That is why he suggests that the current president, John Elkann, and CEO, Benedetto Vigna, participate more in the fortunes of the racing team. “System 1 is something very special. Just being a good manager or businessman does not guarantee success in the first division. You need passion and dedication. You have to be there day and night. You have to be very political to support your team. You have to be strong and keep the troops they are together.”