Formula 1: He is the sudden favorite to succeed Hamilton at Mercedes |  Sports

Formula 1: He is the sudden favorite to succeed Hamilton at Mercedes | Sports

The saga has no end!

It was announced surprisingly Lewis Hamilton (39) before the start of the season that he would leave Mercedes and drive for Ferrari from 2025. The Silver Arrows are looking for a successor in the cockpit – along with the known favourites, someone else has now been considered.

Carlos Sainz (29) who will have to give way to Hamilton at Ferrari next season.

The Spaniard will be replaced by the record world champion (7!) Hamilton in 2025. It was not clear what would happen to him – now the door suddenly opens at Mercedes. According to a report from “Gazetta dello Sport”, Sainz is said to be a strong contender for the spot.

Ferrari pilot Carlos Sainz


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff recently revealed that the number of candidates to succeed Hamilton had already been narrowed down. The Austrian has so far set himself the number of there.

Wolff has so far clearly confirmed that he wants three-time world champion Max Verstappen (26). Mercedes is hoping that the power struggle within Red Bull and the additional controversy surrounding Horner can persuade it to take action. Verstappen has a contract until 2028 and recently announced his commitment to his racing team: “I’m very happy with where I am right now and I want to leave it at that.”

The probability of change is very low!

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Discussions surrounding Sainz as a possible successor are said to have been kept out of the spotlight until now. The Spanish season can be seen. In Australia he took Ferrari’s only win of the season so far, and Sainz is also doing better and better compared to his teammate Charles Lelerc. For his success he has become the target of the Silver Arrows.

Mercedes’ young talent Kimi Antonelli (17) is also in the race for the successor. The talent has been a member of the Mercedes F1 youth team since 2019. He currently drives in Formula 2 for Prema Racing.

According to BILD news, no successor will be named in the next few weeks. The main candidates are Verstappen, Antonelli and Sainz. Who will replace Hamilton’s cockpit remains to be seen.