Formula 1 LIVE from Mexico: Practice 3 Free NOW

Formula 1 LIVE from Mexico: Practice 3 Free NOW

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7:32 p.m
top ten

space the driver time
1 Verstappen 1:19.118
2 Russell + 0.287
3 Perez + 0.748
4 Sainz + 0.766
5 Leclerc + 0.867
6 Hamilton + 0.873
7 Albon + 1.365
of the 8th Schumacher + 1.48
9 Alonso + 1.481 1
10 tsunoda + 1.68 1

19:30 in the evening
Gas on the grass
Gasly tests the Mexican grass at Turn One. Alonso also drives on the side instead of on the track. Again and again the drivers have minor problems, even the seven times world champion can break once in a turn. In the middle of the training session, Bottas is the most active with 18 laps. Verstappen is still up in P1, Russell in the Red Bull sandwich in P2 and Perez in P3.

7:25 p.m
Verstappen enters the field
Now the world champion will also work: Max Verstappen is on soft tires on the track. And on his third lap he sets a new best time of 1:19.296, ten times faster than Russell. “My first sector was very bad with the curbs,” Verstappen still complains on the radio. His RB18 managers in three turns. At the same time, Tsunoda is also struggling with the third corner of the freeway exit and pulls a small stream.

7:20 p.m
Schumacher stops Zhou, Bottas stops Sainz
“This person completely blocked me!” Zhou roars on the radio. ‘This guy’ – that was Schumacher, who has to get back on track after his little incident. Perez improves his time and sits a tenth behind Russell in P2. “This guy is standing next to the hall,” Sainz is also angry. This time Bottas was the culprit. “Stay careful,” Sainz’s race engineer assures him.

7:14 p.m
Schumacher initiates a yellow flag
Schumacher spins at turn 11 and causes a short caution in the second sector. Lucky for Haas: The running area is big enough and his car doesn’t crash. Again the curbs were to blame, Schumacher lost back.

A Mercedes revival?
Russell takes a personal best time of 1:19.405 and clocks the best time of the weekend so far. On soft tyres, like Sainz, Leclerc and Hamilton. Sainz 0.479 seconds back. Hamilton brakes too late, goes down and out of his fast lane.

7:10 p.m
Ferrari leads twice
Ten minutes have passed, Sainz leads by two tenths ahead of Leclerc, behind Sergio Perez. Mexican, however, is already four behind ten.

7:08 p.m
Leclerc causes a moment of shock
Leclerc hits a curb at Turn 9, his car spins out and he almost loses his Ferrari. Well handled, the car doesn’t end up in the gang this time.

7:04 p.m
Zhou has a problem
Less than two minutes into FP3, it’s already the first problem for Alfa Romeo. Zhou must return to the pits. Hamilton takes action on soft tyres. He is joined by Leclerc, also on the line.

7:02 p.m
No stress
Despite almost no practice time yesterday in FP2, many drivers are taking it easy in FP3. Local hero Sergio Perez is joking with his engineers in the pits, and world champion Max Verstappen is in no rush either. Stroll, Bottas and Vettel have their own track. Bottas in the middle, two Aston Martin drivers on a set of hard tires.

7:00 in the afternoon
The last training of the weekend begins. The situation in the stadiums is good, it is clear who the audience wants to see ahead today. Alfa Romeo drivers are the first on the track.

6:50 p.m
LIVE NOW: 3 Free Workouts
We’re reporting live in our ticker linked at the top of the page from the 3rd free practice session in Mexico. As always, you’ll also find the live times and placements of all the drivers there.

6:40 p.m
weather update
Clouds are here, rain (still). Graduation dress rehearsal begins at 20 degrees of comfort. little wind. After yesterday’s FP2, which was pointless, the teams are still waiting for the final knowledge before the qualifying is really bad.

6:25 p.m
Mercedes with outer spaces?
George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were strong in free practice, Mercedes seem to be on par with Ferrari and Red Bull. “Today was one of our best Fridays, if not our best of the year so far,” George Russell said after his best time. in FP2. It really only makes sense because of the tire test. But: Hopes for the first win of the season are alive.

6:06 p.m
Photo from the race track in Mexico City
Before FP3, the qualifying dress practice, starts in less than an hour: here are the first pictures from Mexico. Lean back, have fun, that’s what a Saturday evening should be.

6:05 p.m
Krack: Vettel almost had to be thrown out
“We had to throw him out of our office yesterday, otherwise he would still be sitting there analyzing data,” says Mike Krack about Sebastian Vettel. “He still has a lot to do and he’s not in the mood to say goodbye, I can tell you that.”

6:00 in the afternoon
Mercedes and the night shift
Mercedes worked longer hours last night: the team defied the curfew and continued working on the car after 10:30 pm Mexican time. The second of two individual exceptions allowed at Mercedes, there is no penalty for the Silver Arrows.

5:55 p.m
Mekies: Why are there no restrictions on Red Bull in the budget limit?
The second point of criticism from Laurent Mekies: No reduction in the budget limit for Red Bull. A fine of seven million has no effect. “These two things make the punishment have very little effect.”

5:50 at night
Ferrari are not happy with Red Bull’s penalty
Laurent Mekies criticizes the FIA’s punishment for Red Bull. Its effect is very weak. “We’ve talked a lot in the last few weeks about what you can do with half a million more, or two or three,” Ferrari’s sporting director said. A 10 percent reduction in wind tunnel time is certainly not as valuable as the cycle time gained. “Something like that could affect the race and maybe even the world championship!”

5:39 p.m
Video: Red Bull’s punishment is explained in detail!
The first decision for the weekend at the race track will be made soon. So far, Red Bull’s penalty has dominated the discussions at the stadium. Millions in fines, fewer wind lanes and CFD runs, big losses next year (at least if you can believe Red Bull management). Our Christian took a closer look at the punishment and explains all the background in a detailed video after 25 minutes – from catering costs to the abolition of taxes to the impact of sports in 2023. It’s worth watching now:

All details explained: Red Bull Violation! 2023 now slow?: (25:46 min.)

5:25 p.m
Vasseur: Otherwise we would be very stupid
“I don’t think you will get half a second with ten percent. Otherwise we would be very stupid,” Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur also has an open opinion about the reduction of testing time for Red Bull. collaboration with Audi what’s new. “You have to differentiate between the company and the chassis. That will stay fresh, but there could be a new sponsor of the name.”

5:20 p.m
Mekies: Difficult Friday, especially for Leclerc
“We had a somewhat difficult Friday, especially Charles. He had a puncture in the first free practice session and a crash in the second free practice session,” reports Laurent Mekies. As a result: “The gearbox is damaged, large parts of the body.” But he sees at least one positive: “Better on Friday than any other day.”

Leclerc's FP2 ended in a tow truck Photo: LAT Images
Leclerc’s FP2 ended in a tow truck Photo: LAT Images

5:17 p.m
Shovlin: Horner is exaggerating!
“To describe it as draconian is an exaggeration,” Andrew Shovlin puts Christian Horner’s statements into perspective. “The penalty is more than a chance at the World Championship, less than two. Half a second would mean that the team behind the field has an advantage of more than 3 seconds. But as we know, that’s not the case. One or two-tenths is probably more realistic .”

5:15 p.m
Welcome back from Mexico!
Have a good afternoon/evening! Today’s program: Free practice session 3 at 7:00 pm and qualifying at 10:00 pm. The full schedule is here. Today will start with audio from the press conference of the team boss. Featuring: Laurent Mekies, Andrew Shovlin and Frederic Vasseur.