Formula 1. Miami Grand Prix.  Verstappen’s world class (REPORT) – PoBadzie

Formula 1. Miami Grand Prix. Verstappen’s world class (REPORT) – PoBadzie

Max Verstappen covered the entire field very quickly and played the best strategic fight, which enabled him to win the race. Sergio Perez followed him, and the last place on the podium, as usual this season, was taken by Fernando Alonso.

Before the second race in Miami history, there was a question about who would leave the USA as the leader. After qualifying, Sergio Perez had the best chance to win pole position. Teammate Max Verstappen’s plans were disrupted by Charles Leclerc’s crash at the end of Q3. The world champion placed his car on the ninth grid. The qualifying podium was completed by Fernando Alonso in second and Carlos Sainz in third. Good result also for Hass, Kevin Magnussen started from P4.

At first, more chaos took place at the back of the pack. Nyck De Vries finished behind Lando Norris and both dropped to last place but were able to continue. In the lead, only Kevin Magnussen slipped three places on the first lap. In the third lap, the Dane managed to regain sixth place for a while, in favor of Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver took P6 on the final corner of the third lap, but on the start straight, when Magnussen attacked the Ferrari driver, both cars were passed by Max Verstappen.

A few laps later, the Dutchman took another two places, showing too late to close the final corner. Russell managed to overtake the Red Bull driver and also pass Pierre Gasly. In the fight for one point, a DRS train was formed that extended to 15th place. The next part of the battle between Leclerc and Magnussen allowed Ocon to close. In lap 15 the Hass driver visited his mechanics. Max Verstappen has already managed to break through to second place. More drivers started going to the pits.

The driver of the team from Maranello was clearly behind Magnussen. The second Ferrari driver managed to trip Fernando Alonso, but received a five-second penalty for speeding on the pit lane. The Spaniard from Aston Martin, however, has already overtaken his compatriot on the track. On lap 38, Sainz was also tackled by Russell. The ensuing battle between Magnussen and Leclerc finally went to the Monegasque, who could make up for the lost time with the remaining level.

In lap 45 Max Verstappen visited his mechanics and came out behind Sergio Perez. Perez’s defense did not last long and with 10 laps to go the world champion took the lead. At the end of the race Charles Leclerc managed to overtake Pierre Gasly. However, he could not improve his position, because shortly after all the drivers were passed by Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen played the entire race under his command, even surpassing Sergio Perez. Ferrari, after a good weekend in Baku, showed again that it has a big problem. A weak weekend also for Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion was eliminated in Q2, and in that race he could not keep up with his teammate’s pace. Next race in two weeks at Imola.

Miami Grand Prix Results:

1. Max Verstappen

2. Sergio Perez

3. Fernando Alonso

4. George Russell

5. Carlos Sainz

6. Lewis Hamilton

7. Charles Leclerc

8. Pierre Gasly

9. Esteban Ocon

10. Kevin Magnussen

11. Yuki Tsunoda

12. Lance Stroll

13. Valtteri Bottas

14. Alexander Albon

15. Nico Hulkenberg

16. Guanyu Zhou

17. Lando Norris

18. Nyck de Vries

19. Oscar Piastri

20. Logan Sargeant

Driver standings after 5 of 23 races:

1. Max Verstappen – 119 points

2. Sergio Perez – 105 points

3. Fernando Alonso – 75 points

4. Lewis Hamilton – 56 points

5. George Russell – 40 points

6. Carlos Sainz – 37 points

7. Charles Leclerc – 34 pts

8. Lance Stroll – 20 pts.

9. Lando Norris – 10 pts.

10. Pierre Gasly – 8 pts.

11. Nico Hulkenberg – 6 points

12. Esteban Ocon – 6 points

13. Oscar Piastri – 4 points

14. Valtteri Bottas – 4 points

15. Guanyu Zhou – 2 points

16. Kevin Magnussen – 2 pts.

17. Yuki Tsunoda – 1 point

18. Alexander Albon – 1 point

Classification of builders:

1. Red Bull – 224 pts.

2. Aston Martin – 102 pts.

3. Mercedes – 96 pts.

4. Ferrari – 78 pts.

5. McLaren – 14 pts.

6. Alpine – 14 pts.

7. Haas – 8 pts.

8. Alfa Romeo – 6 pts.

9. Alpha Tauri – 2 pts.

10. Williams – 1 point